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AdventureQuest Continues The Holiday Excitement with Frostval Part 3 and Zorbak Episode 5


(Sunnyvale, CA - December 8, 2006) -AdventureQuest continues to make this time of year most exciting holiday season ever for gamers - yes, those talented, creative folks at Artix Entertainment have done it again!

First of all, the magic of Frostval continues on. The wonderful little snow Moglins have been busy making marvelous gifts for everyone, but something has gone terribly wrong. Many Moglins have been kidnapped. Not only that, but hordes of ice monsters are still searching for mysterious Ice Orb fragments hidden across the land. Never has players' help been needed more than now You must enter Icefall, the coldest zone of the Northlands, and rescue the Moglins from the clutches of Sandy Claws and Frosty the Snow Golem. New monsters and items await players brave enough for the quest, but beware: a new and dangerous enemy is about to make an entrance. Grab your swords, spell books and a warm pair of boots ... the world needs you once again!

If that weren't excitement enough, Zorbak the "ebil" Moglin necromancer with a serious chip on his shoulder, is back! Check out Episode 5 for the answers to two new questions, and find out how Zorbak intends to deal with his overwhelming mountains of mail. This is an episode you must not miss!

AdventureQuest is a Flash-animated role-playing game playable on most browsers. Free to play for either minutes or hours a day, players can delve into an action-packed fantasy world of myth and magic filled with hundreds of monsters, weapons, armor and items. For more information about all of Artix Entertainment's free-to-join web browser and Macromedia Flash-based games, please visit

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Artix Entertainment, LLC is a privately held game development studio with a track record of producing Macromedia Flash games, with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play. Artix Entertainment is a Florida-based game company founded by Adam Bohn in 2003.

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