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Adjustable Camera Mounting Clip

Solves our PS Eye falling-off-the-telly woes.

***For Immediate Release***

Brooklyn, New York -- CTA Digital ( just launched a pragmatic solution for keeping the PS Eye Camera securely mounted on tip of the TV. Securely placing the PlayStation Eye Camera in an optimal position can be a challenge, where even slight changes in the camera's position can require recalibration and adjustments.

This new Adjustable Camera Mounting Clip allows gamers to elegantly attach the Eye camera to different sized flat panel televisions. This allows positioning the camera at the top and center of the TV screen, which is the ideal position for active game play and out-of-the-way configuration.

The PS Eye camera slides easily into a slot on the mount, which is secured to the TV with a sturdy rear clip. This clip can be adjusted to fit the depth of the TV, expanding to fit a thin 1 inch profile or one that is over 4 inches. Once adjusted, it locks into place with a hand-tightened knob. The rear clip also expands vertically for a more stable mount, growing from a short clip to one nearly twice as long, allowing for adjustments to the TV's contour. Easy to use straight out of the box, the camera mount is foam padded to fully protect your TV or monitor from marks and to give a firm compressed grip that won't slip out of place.

A video demo can be seen here: It is available for purchase on Amazon ( and other retail outlets.

About CTA Digital:

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Lois Eiler

Marketing Associate, CTA Digital, Inc.  

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