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Additional server for Ryzom and Ryzom Ring!

Paris, FRANCE - October 5th 2006

Nevrax announced the opening today of an additional server for the massively-multiplayer online science fantasy role playing game (MMORPG) Ryzom and its groundbreaking expansion Ryzom Ring.

This new server named "Cho" will offer to all the Ryzom new players a new virgin territory to conquer and control. It is international with English speaking customer support.

To be one of Cho's pioneers and try out Ryzom Ring and Ryzom for free with unlimited playing time, follow the free trial link on (no credit card is required).

About Nevrax SARL

Founded in early 2000, Paris-based NEVRAX is a software developer and publisher of the massively-multiplayer online science fantasy role playing game (MMORPG) Ryzom. Utilizing NeL, its open source platform, Nevrax's team of over 50 engineers and designers have completed their first MMORPG, a Science Fantasy game entitled Ryzom.

About Ryzom

Three generations ago, the proud civilizations of Atys perished in the Great Swarming, when hordes of Kitins swept from the Prime Roots and wrought war and genocide. Now it is time to reclaim your heritage. Join forces with thousands of others, master the arts of sorcery, war, and tradecraft, and re-forge the destiny of your people. The secrets of the past have been lost, but Ryzom has just begun. For more information please visit

About Ryzom Ring

Ryzom Ring is the innovative extension for Nevrax's online roleplaying game, Ryzom. It provides tools that allow the players to access Ryzom's creatures, buildings, maps and missions to create their own events and scenarios, giving them unprecedented power to shape the game. Thousands of other players can experience one person's handiwork, or kept as a private sanctuary only accessible to a select few. For more information please visit

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