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Activision: "we can do better in the way we communicate"

Tippl admits publisher risks negative reputation unless PR improves

Activision's COO and CFO Thomas Tippl has admitted that the publisher's image may be in danger unless it improves its PR and community management.

Speaking to IGN at E3, the former Proctor and Gamble board member drew reference to recent negative headlines, such as the acrimonious departure of several Infinity Ward staffers, its DLC pricing strategy and outspoken comments made by CEO Bobby Kotick.

"Obviously, we stay connected to what's going on in the communities," he said, "so we're not ignorant that there's a very vocal minority out there that has some very strong feelings.

"There are many things we can probably do better in the way we communicate with the communities so that we don't run the risk that certain things get pulled out of context and blown out of proportion."

Despite defending the publisher's output in terms of games and profit last year, he revealed that the company was "focused on... doing a better job from a PR and community management perspective."

The exclusive publishing 10-year partnership with Bungie immediately following the Infinity Ward controversy earlier this year may well be part of this new strategy.

At the same time as improving its image, Activision is determined to become the world's biggest entertainment company within the next decade.

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