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Activision to release Spider-Man 2 as DS launch title

Publisher Activision has announced its first title for the forthcoming Nintendo DS platform, with movie license Spider-Man 2 set to hit retail in time for the console's launch on November 21st in the USA.

Activision's announcement makes the Vicarious Visions developed title into the first game to be confirmed for the DS' launch, as well as the first title to be officially announced by Activision for the system.

Although its launch is only two months away, few details of the game - which will be the latest version of the publisher's huge summer hit - have emerged as yet, although Activision president Kathy Vrabeck promised that the DS' unique dual screen configuration would be used to provide "more unique and intuitive gameplay."

Nintendo is expected to announce the bulk of the DS' launch line-up, along with software price points and a number of other details about the console, at a press conference in Tokyo on October 7th.

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