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Activision suing Call of Duty pirates

Six cases brought to bear on possible CoD3 file-sharers since 2007

Activision has carried out lawsuits against six US videogame pirates since 2007, according to GamesPolitics, further revealing that Call of Duty features heavily among the pirated games.

The biggest of the cases was made against Shawn Guse, who agreed to pay out USD 100,000 to settle the case. Guse was accused of reproducing and distributing copies of Call of Duty 3 for the Wii and Xbox 360. Chris Hyman also agreed to pay Activision USD 25,000 to settle a case over CoD3 for the Wii and Tony Hawk's Project 8 for the Xbox 360.

George Laflin agreed to pay USD 100,000, Maryanne Leach agreed to pay USD 1000, Kenneth Madden paid USD 100,000 and finally a case againse James Strickland is currently active.

This news comes after five UK publishers sent out letters to 25,000 suspected file-sharers demanding an immediate payment of GBP 300 or face legal action.

While some publishers are actively chasing file-sharers, some, like Electronic Arts' Peter Moore, believe that "trying to punish your consumer" is a bad idea and there are "better ways" to dealing with the problem of piracy.