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Activision: Multitude of platforms is "extremely challenging"

But Dev Relations boss "really excited" about core Kinect games

Activision director of Dev Relations and Acquisitions Bob Loya is concerned that the increasing number of game platforms is presenting a problem to publishers.

In an interview published today, he told that " One of the biggest challenges we face right now is that, while several years ago there was just the 360, PS3, Wii, Xbox, PS2 and the DS, now we just have so many different platforms and pieces of interactive entertainment that are vying for consumers' time.

"It's much harder now, because we're competing on so many platforms, so many mechanisms for getting content to gamers - and as exciting as it is, it's extremely challenging to get your consumer and keep them. They have so many more options now."

Despite this, new technologies were providing new opportunities. For Loya, Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion camera was especially appealing.

"I'm really excited about Kinect. I know that Microsoft is gearing up another round of games that's probably going to be focused more on the core gamer - that's extremely exciting for me, to see what they're able to come up with, and see what the technology is able to do for those core audiences, as opposed to the casual audiences which it already does a great job for."

Activision's latest financial results, in which it is expected to reveal some of its plans for the coming year, are due tonight.

For the full interview with Loya, in which he discusses recent changes to the industry, the growth of mobile and social gaming and why the upcoming GameConnection@GDC is a "really great, efficient way to meet with developers," please click here.

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