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Activision expects "a bigger ramp-up" from Shred's disastrous sales

CEO Hirshberg claims new Tony Hawk is "a gift orientated game"

Activision Publishing CEO Erich Hirshberg has attempted to assuage fears about the poor retail performance of Tony Hawk: Shred.

The game, which is bundled with a skateboard-like motion control accessory, sold just 3000 copies in the US during its first week.

Hirshberg claimed the game, which has suffered from poor reviews and a release date that fell between those of Move and Kinect, would see better sales over time.

"For the first time we're targeting that game to kids," he told Gamasutra. "It's a gift-oriented game, but, that said, we need to build awareness for the game still.

"I think you'll hopefully see a bigger ramp-up as we get further into the gift giving season." Hirshberg also noted that chat show host Ellen DeGeneres had hailed the bundle as one of the top 12 gifts for Christmas.

Shred developer Robomodo laid off 60 staff last month, and admitted it would no longer work on Tony Hawk games.

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