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Activision Blizzard, Plaion fined for not disclosing loot boxes

PEGI fines publishers €5,000 for omitting loot boxes from ratings submissions for Diablo Immortal and Hunt: Showdown

PEGI has fined Activision Blizzard and Plaion for not disclosing the presence of loot boxes in two games during the ratings process.

Activision Blizzard neglected to mention the loot boxes in Diablo Immortal when it submitted the mobile game for a rating, while Plaion did the same with the Limited Bounty Hunter Edition of Hunt: Showdown.

"Since this amounts to a violation of the rules described in the PEGI Code of Conduct, the PEGI Enforcement Committee sanctioned both companies with a fine of €5,000," the ratings board said.

In addition to the fines, both companies also updated their store listings and marketing materials, according to PEGI.

PEGI introduced its warning label about randomized in-game purchases in April of 2020.

As loot box researcher Leon Xiao's work showed earlier this year, such labelling has been inconsistently applied between PEGI and its North American counterpart the ESRB.

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