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Action Replay MAX DUO – samples available

Datel’s game enhancer for GBA/DS is available for review

June 10th, 2005 - At long last, we have review samples of Action Replay MAX DUO, the latest release in Datel's phenomenal Action Replay series. Journalists who haven't already asked for one should contact Ian Osborne on 01785 810816, or email, to request a sample and full assets disc.

Action Replay MAX DUO is two products in one, allowing you to enhance both Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS titles.

DUO's Game Boy Advance software is based on unique codes that let you cheat in ways the programmers never intended, offering Infinite Lives, Infinite Health, All Levels, All Characters and more. New codes are released to keep DUO up to date with codes for the latest GBA games, and it can be updated by typing them manually or downloading the database over the Internet.

MAX Drive for DS allows you to download saves from CodeJunkies on your PC and upload your own saves for other people to use. Best of all, Datel's code-crackers are busy creating Powersaves, exclusive game saves with in-built cheats. You can also use DUO to archive your DS saves for later use - ideal if two people want to use the same game, and it only allows one save slot.

Action Replay MAX DUO is available now, and retails for £29.99.

For more information on all exciting products from Datel, please contact Ian Osborne on 01785 810816, or email

About Datel:

Datel is the world's leading developer of videogame enhancement products for games consoles. For more than 20 years Datel has stayed at the forefront of the videogames industry by developing products that are innovative, inspirational, technologically advanced and above all, fun to use. It is this philosophy that has seen Datel's products consistently outperform all competitors. The company's famous flagship brand Action Replay is a global best seller on PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance/SP, Nintendo DS and Xbox.

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