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Action Replay MAX DUO for DS, GBA

Datel has announced the launch of Action Replay MAX DUO, a new product which allows users to access cheats and store game saves for both the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy Advance.

MAX DUO combines both Action Replay for GBA and MAX Drive DS to create an "all-in-one game enhancer".

MAX Drive DS has an on-board memory for storing game saves, plus an included PC application which allows users to back them up to a hard drive. It also enables DS owners to save multiple times even when a game features only one or two save slots.

In addition, users can use the MAX Drive PC application to upload and download game saves via Datel will also offer 'Power Saves' which users can download for infinite lives, unlocked levels and so on.

Action Replay for GBA comes pre-loaded with 20,000 cheats for more than 200 games, and the cartridge can be updated with new codes in the future.

"Action Replay has built a solid reputation for providing powerful, game-busting cheats at a bargain price," said Datel MD Michael Connors. "Action Replay MAX DUO is the ultimate game enhancer for gamers on the move."

Action Replay MAX DUO is in the shops this week, priced £29.99

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