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Aces Traffic Pack

Car-manoeuvring puzzler launched on Android.

October 25, 2010 - Concrete Software, Inc.®, a leader in innovative mobile content, announced today the release of Aces® Traffic Pack for Android. Aces Traffic Pack is a puzzle game with unique display graphics and menus. It offers 480 puzzles of varying difficulty levels. Puzzles are solved by strategically maneuvering the cars horizontally or vertically around obstacles to free the red car from a traffic jam or parking lot.

Aces Traffic Pack offers tons of features including statistics and online leaderboards. The statistics track the total number of moves and the time it takes to complete each puzzle. The online leaderboards records personal, daily, weekly, and all-time lowest number of move count, making it easy to compete against yourself or a friend. Aces Traffic Pack is available on the Android Market as well as other channels.

About Concrete Software

Concrete Software creates innovative, high quality casual mobile games. Concrete Software supplies applications that run on virtually all mobile platforms including BlackBerry®, iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Palm webOS, and J2ME, and does so across many app stores, major operators, retail stores and anywhere else mobile software is sold. More information is available at www.concretesoftware.com. 

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