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Aces Solitaire Pack 2

40-game compilation launched for BlackBerry smartphones.

April 16, 2010 | Concrete Software, Inc.®, a leader in innovative mobile content, announced today the release of Aces Solitaire Pack 2 for BlackBerry. The best-selling Aces line brings new and classic solitaire games together to create one application, Aces Solitaire Pack 2. It is available for BlackBerry smartphones on the BlackBerry App World and other channels.

Aces Solitaire Pack 2 is the newest version of the popular game Aces Solitaire Pack. Many of the attractive customizable options in the original game have been carried over, giving users full control of their game preferences. The most notable additions are the number of games included and the online leaderboards. The new game offers 40 different solitaire games including Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Free Cell and many more unique titles. Aces Solitaire Pack is unique because it adds a sense of online and mobile community between players through the online leaderboards. Players can improve their skills by competing with friends, other users, or themselves.

Although solitaire games are nothing new to mobile, Aces Solitaire Pack 2 offers improved graphics, customizable game play, forty unique solitaire games and the quality of the Aces brand which are sure to set it apart in the ranks of the mobile game market.

About Concrete Software

Concrete Software creates innovative, high quality and easy to use software from personal productivity applications to games. Concrete Software supplies applications that run on virtually all mobile platforms including BlackBerry®, iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Palm webOS, and J2ME, and does so across many app stores, major operators, retail stores and anywhere else mobile software is sold. More information is available at www.concretesoftware.com.


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