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Acclaim set to publish Bard's Tale

Publisher Acclaim has acquired the rights for the first project from ex-Interplay boss Brian Fargo's new development studio, inXile.

The Bard's Tale, a completely new game which revives the concept first rolled out in Fargo's 1985 Apple II title by the same name, will be published worldwide by Acclaim under the terms of the new deal.

"We're very excited that Brian Fargo, one of the original title's main creative forces, with his exceptionally talented group, inXile Entertainment, will be delivering this anxiously-awaited title," commented Acclaim's VP of international marketing, Larry Sparks. "We believe [the title] will deliver a compelling modern-day game that will not just please fans of the original, but will generate a new and even wider fan base," he continued.

Bard's Tale is set for release next year.

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