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How to localize a game video: A checklist for developers

From the timing of the voiceover to text in the UI, preparing a game video for a target market is more complicated than you think

By Natalia Shuhman

Celebrating one year of Academy

Browse through the Academy's most essential reads as the section enters its second year

By Marie Dealessandri

All eyes on esports: staying ahead of the legal hurdles

As investment pours into the sector, legal firm Reed Smith offers advice to new companies seeking to avoid legal pitfalls

By Nick Breen & Hunter Thomson

How to efficiently create a winning demo

Art Of Play shares its tips on how to build a demo using the right tools, communication methods, and teamwork, in record time

By Ash Nicholls and Billy Deakin

Mike Bithell: What I wish I knew when I started in games

During Live: Academy, Mike Bithell explored six lessons he's learned during his career that can help aspiring developers get a successful start in games

By Marie Dealessandri

How to get a job as a community manager in games

As communities keep growing and companies look to engage with them more genuinely, the Academy looks into how to get a job in community management

By Marie Dealessandri

How Unreal Engine is helping artists achieve their next-gen potential

Sponsored article: Epic Games discusses its next generation development tools, which are designed to make the creation of high-quality 3D content simpler than ever

By Academy Sponsored

Ten risks associated with the new EU Digital Content Directive

Legal expert Sebastian Schwiddessen breaks down how buggy games at launch, shutting titles down early and more can violate consumers' rights

By Sebastian Schwiddessen

Four ways to improve your collaboration with another studio

Having taken the helm on Minecraft Dungeons' DLC, Double Eleven shares how to make the best of a multi-studio collaboration

By Tom Pedalino

Is the games industry open to working class people?

UK census data suggests it isn't -- here's what you need to know to give yourself the best chance, from people that built careers

By Jason Coles

Brenda Romero's tips for building your personal brand

During GI Live: Academy, Brenda Romero gave students advice on how to build and grow their reputation before even entering the industry

By Marie Dealessandri

From student to professional -- advice for the road ahead

Fundamentally Games' Emelie Edholm has some advice for students and graduates building a career in the games industry

By Emelie Edholm

Lifting the barriers for Black professionals in the games industry

Focusing on retention and promotion, the Academy looks at the barriers facing Black talent in games

By Marie Dealessandri

Check out our huge line-up for this week's GI Live: Academy

More than 65 industry professionals to speak with UK students this week in Discord

By Christopher Dring

VR lessons from Arizona Sunshine's success

Vertigo Games dives into the strategies behind its virtual reality hit, and how it paved the way for future projects such as After the Fall

By Vertigo Games

The black art of platform conversions: The (not so) straightforward port

Sponsored article: In the second part of a series dedicated to platform adaptations, Abstraction takes a deep dive into the first part of the production process, the "straightforward port"

By Academy Sponsored

A lawyer's perspective on the industry's abuse problem

Toxic family notions, favoritism and lack of regulation all lead to abuse, says legal expert Siobhán Crawford

By Haydn Taylor

Tools to identify bottlenecks and performance issues

Coconut Lizard's Robert Troughton goes through the right toolset to keep a development team happy and working efficiently

By Robert Troughton

What is the best game engine: is Amazon Lumberyard right for you?

The Academy's in-depth guide to Lumberyard, a 3D engine powered by Amazon Web Services

By Marie Dealessandri and Creative Assembly team up on free student event

GI Live: Academy will feature talks, masterclasses, portfolio reviews and meet and greets

By Christopher Dring

Lessons in community building from EVE Online

At Devcom Digital, CCP Games' Tryggvi Hjaltason offered advice on creating an environment that builds meaningful friendships

By Matthew Handrahan

Retaining and fostering women in the games industry

Victoria Setian gave a GDC Summer talk addressing how to fight discriminatory attitudes in the workplace and develop female talent into leadership

By Marie Dealessandri

How pinball made us better RPG developers -- and vice versa

Zen Studios COO Mel Kirk on what the pinball specialist learned by leaving its comfort zone with two RPG titles

By Mel Kirk

Push and pull: How to build an in-game economy

Unity Technologies' Julie Shumaker explains how to knit together the key components of a robust and engaging game economy

By Julie Shumaker

In-app ad segmentation 101: How to split and analyse your players

IronSource's Justin Norman gives an introduction to ad segmentation and monetisation strategies

By Justin Norman

Seven tips for running a $100 million user acquisition budget

SciPlay's CMO Noga Halperin goes through the principles that can make or break an app's UA results

By Noga Halperin

A guide to designing transformative, empowering experiences

Robin Arnott and Heather Ray look into the many ways to create impactful games that evoke a wide range of emotional responses

By Robin Arnott and Heather Ray

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