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Three tips from Ian Livingstone to make sure you're investor-ready

During our Investment Summit, Ian Livingstone CBE shared what he looks for in the companies he invests in

By Marie Dealessandri

Tips for pitching your game from the Investment Summit

Christina Seelye, John Polson, and Harry Hamer share what they want to see from developers in pitch meetings

By Rebekah Valentine

Three free tools to level up your prototyping

Joel Beardshaw explains how Ustwo Games makes the most of free tools for creative prototyping

By Joel Beardshaw

The Podcast: A Guide To Remote Working

The team shares its own experiences of remote working as the world adapts to lockdown

By GamesIndustry Staff

How to improve your understanding of games with teardowns

Nate Ross on creating good teardowns and the reasons why they're a powerful resource

By Nate Ross

Who owns your video game?

An issue between the NFTS and its students has raised questions about IP ownership -- Sheridans' Tim Davies is here to help

By Tim Davies

The best practices and design principles of VR development

VR developers tell the Academy about the golden rules and design challenges of making games for virtual reality

By Marie Dealessandri

How to transition from working from home to being a remote studio

Due to the coronavirus crisis, leading games studios are having to learn to work remotely. But how do you make a success of working from home?

By Christopher Dring

What's the secret to great PR?

Former Ubisoft and EA PR Lidia Rumley shares advice on not just promoting your game but also your business

By Lidia Rumley

A brief guide to writing for video games

Our EGX Rezzed Digital panel discusses the different aspects of being a writer in the games industry

By Marie Dealessandri

Six ways to improve your world building

Kate Edwards gives developers advice and tools to build fully realised game worlds

By Marie Dealessandri

Killing creative block with kindness

Gabby DeRienzo shares the process that helped her recover from burnout while working on Super Crush KO

By Rebekah Valentine

Tips for developers making a cross-platform game

AccelByte's Raymond Arifianto shares strategic and technical insights on cross-platform design

By Rebekah Valentine

Four steps to launching a VR game on Oculus

Richard Duck details the technical and content guidelines for launching a virtual reality game on Oculus

By Marie Dealessandri

Eight principles for making a game influencer-friendly

ICO Partners' David Ortiz Lapaz lays out ways developers and marketers can make games work for content creators

By Brendan Sinclair

How to pitch your indie game

TinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik offers advice on how to win over publishers, press and more

By Alex Nichiporchik

Marketing tips for indie developers who hate marketing

Chris Zukowski discusses the fundamentals of marketing for indie developers who don't know where to start

By Marie Dealessandri

Why culturalisation matters as much as localisation

Kate Edwards discusses how to approach culturalisation, and how to navigate sensitive themes so your game can reach wider markets

By Marie Dealessandri

The four pillars of good representation

GDC 2020: Proletariat's Tori Schafer offers key considerations for studios including LGBT+ representation in their games

By Rebekah Valentine

Creative Chronicles: How to become a programmer

The Academy partners with Creative Assembly to publish its Creative Chronicles video series, today focusing on becoming a programmer

By Creative Assembly

How to create a successful Patreon

Content creators tell the Academy about best practices when creating a Patreon page and how to grow your community

By Marie Dealessandri

Building Ori and the Will of the Wisps with 80 people working from home

Moon Studios' Thomas Mahler reveals the challenges and solutions to managing a distributed development team

By Christopher Dring

Creative Chronicles: A balancing post-mortem of Total War Three Kingdoms

The Academy partners with Creative Assembly to publish its Creative Chronicles video series, today focusing on strategy game balancing

By Creative Assembly

Creative Chronicles: tutorials and insights into game development

Total War developer Creative Assembly share its tips on all aspects of building games, in its game development tutorial series Creative Chronicles

By Marie Dealessandri

Five lessons for developers from the Investment Summit

Panelists and speakers offer tips and advice for pitching game ideas to publishers and investors

By Rebekah Valentine

How to approach mental health issues in the workplace

Games studios championing mental health awareness tell the Academy about how to support and safeguard your staff's emotional well-being

By Marie Dealessandri

How every studio head can stop their business from failing

Matt Binkowski explores the three pillars to keeping your business in good health

By Matt Binkowski

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