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Featured Academy Articles

How weapon capabilities influence environmental design and player movement

Lead game designer on Hood: Outlaws & Legends Jamie Smith explores how weapon mechanics can impact other areas

By Jamie Smith

Why next-gen consoles need next-gen faces

DI4D's Colin Urquhart discusses the ever higher expectations of realism in games for the Academy

By Colin Urquhart

The manifold challenges of localising Disco Elysium

Testronic's Manuel Jimenez Verdinelli details the hurdles of localising ZA/UM's hit and its one million words

By Manuel Jimenez Verdinelli

How to get your music placed in a video game

The Academy talks to experts from both industries to create the ultimate guide to getting your music placed in a video game

By Mat Ombler

The black art of platform conversions: The release candidate

Sponsored article: Abstraction Games details the penultimate stage of the adaptation process -- the release candidate

By Academy Sponsored

GoldenEye, Mario and how to succeed in the world of nostalgia

There's a huge market of 30-somethings eager to replay the games from their youth, but getting it right can be hard

By Christopher Dring

Things you wish you knew before starting a studio

Melissa Phillips reflects on what she's learnt in the 12 months since co-founding Silver Rain Games

By Marie Dealessandri

Five steps to boost your game's performance on the app stores

SplitMetrics' Lina Danilchik details how to optimise your app store's product page

By Lina Danilchik

How to protect your intellectual property in the games industry

GG Insurance's Philip Wildman gives an overview of what intellectual property means in practice and what can go wrong

By Philip Wildman

Azure PlayFab: The world's biggest dev tools you've never thought of

Microsoft's James Gwertzman tells the Academy about his mission to help developers succeed

By Marie Dealessandri

Navigating the new normal: Studio culture in the time of COVID

Mediatonic's Annie Clare details the studio's answer to a critical question: how do you take care of your staff remotely?

By Annie Clare

Piracy: Does it matter?

People will try to steal your game in huge numbers, says Butterscotch Shenanigans' Adam Coster -- treat it as a design constraint

By Adam Coster

Dealing with delays: A guide to production optimization and crisis management

META Publishing's Alessandro Cossidente explains how to avoid setbacks, and how to cope when it does happen

By Alessandro Cossidente

Using player-avatar relations to make more engaging and successful games

Avatars can be the key to offering more intense and satisfying game experiences, and inspiring loyalty among players

By Hugo Aranzaes

A brief guide to becoming a concept artist

Shiro Games' concept artists tell the Academy about how the field is about much more than "pretty drawings"

By Marie Dealessandri

How to localize a game video: A checklist for developers

From the timing of the voiceover to text in the UI, preparing a game video for a target market is more complicated than you think

By Natalia Shuhman

Celebrating one year of Academy

Browse through the Academy's most essential reads as the section enters its second year

By Marie Dealessandri

How to enable cross-progression between generations and platforms

AccelByte's Raymond Arifianto gives a crash course on how to implement platform-agnostic cloud save features

By Raymond Arifianto

Maximum safety, minimum cost: How to launch your game on a new platform

Focusing on the Epic Games Store, Reto Moto's Jean-Marc Broyer dives into launching a PC game on a new platform

By Jean-Marc Broyer

How to bring blockbuster brands to the gaming world

Outright Games on three key principles that can bring success when working with major licenses

By Terry Malham-Wallis

A closer look at Raw Fury's publishing contract

GameDiscoverCo's Simon Carless digs into the details and developer criticisms of the publicly posted agreement

By Simon Carless

How to map social media to your marketing funnel

Phoenix Labs' RuthAnne Berry talks about using social media to meet your game's goals

By RuthAnne Berry

IP licensing for games: How to profit from brand injections

Yodo1's Yu Huan Mirko explores how partnering with IP owners can benefit your studio

By Yu Huan Mirko

The black art of platform conversions: The tailored port

Sponsored article: Ensuring players experience the game they love as though it was designed for their platform of choice is not easy to achieve -- but that is why Abstraction Games puts so much effort into "tailoring"

By Academy Sponsored

Tips for a successful interview in the games industry

Splash Damage's Jason Tzaidas goes through the dos and don'ts of interviewing for an engineering role

By Jason Tzaidas

Lessons learnt from business development in Africa

During Africa Games Week, Nyamakop's Limpho Moeti explored how growing your business can benefit your local industry

By Marie Dealessandri

Pillars for an effective charity stream

Mega Cat Studios' Monica Figueroa looks at how the right guiding principles can amplify the success of a charity campaign

By Monica Figueroa

Are seasonal creatives worth it?

AppLovin's Alice Guillaume looks into how holiday-themed mobile creatives can drive UA and engagement

By Alice Guillaume

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