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Fostering a positive community in VR

At Ludicious X, IGDA executive director Renee Gittins talked about keeping communities safe and fighting toxicity in VR

By Marie Dealessandri

Investment health check: Preparing for the due diligence process

In the second of two articles, Sheridans' Kamila Bochenek describes how preparing for the due diligence process can benefit your games business overall

By Kamila Bochenek

A beginner's guide to design and concept

D3T's head of design Hal Sandbach shares key tips for conceptualization and design, as well as what to look for in a designer

By Hal Sandbach

A game developers' guide to working with clients

Sponsored article: Co-development and porting specialist Abstraction discusses ways to approach different games and partners

By Sponsored Article

From pitch to launch: Key takeaways for a successful development partnership

Tag Games' Marc Williamson explains how developers can create and maintain relationships in the ever changing world of mobile games

By Marc Williamson

Population Zero and the dangers of Early Access hype

Three key lessons from a game made by a studio of 60 people, that had a very rough launch

By Dmitry Muratov

How to revive your struggling mobile game

Sponsored article: What can you do if you have a mobile app that you're investing a lot of resources in, but installs and revenue are low?

By Sponsored Article

Is your indie game ready for funding?

Cassia Curran explored how to conduct market analysis during her talk at the Games Industry Investment Summit Online

By Marie Dealessandri

What makes a good bug report?

Nick Barrett, CEO at Proper QA, divulges the best practices of bug reporting

By Nick Barrett

Join Creative Assembly for a live Q&A about cinematics today

The Total War studio will be discussing how to create appealing cinematics, as well as the pipeline from directing to VFX

By Marie Dealessandri

How to price your game and thrive during Steam sales

Experienced developers and Valve discuss Steam sales strategies, how to approach discounts, and how to nail your pricing

By Marie Dealessandri

David Braben: Look for publishers with development experience

Frontier CEO shares advice and why his company left working with publishers behind during Investment Summit Online

By James Batchelor

Building success through culturalisation

Beyō Global's Chui Chui Tan explores the three levels of culturalisation and how they can determine a game's success

By Chui Chui Tan

How to maximise your Video Games Tax Relief claim

Myriad Associates' Barrie Dowsett has six tips for game developers to make the most of the UK government's tax relief scheme

By Barrie Dowsett

You have five seconds: Why you need strong visual design in your indie game

Skelattack's creator David Stanley on why first impressions are everything, plus art tips so your assets stand out

By David Stanley

Three tips from Ian Livingstone to make sure you're investor-ready

During our Investment Summit, Ian Livingstone CBE shared what he looks for in the companies he invests in

By Marie Dealessandri

Tips for pitching your game from the Investment Summit

Christina Seelye, John Polson, and Harry Hamer share what they want to see from developers in pitch meetings

By Rebekah Valentine

A beginner's guide to performance capture by Epic Games

Sponsored article: Epic Games' David Hibbitts looks into the intricacies of performance capture and how to set up your own system

By Sponsored Article

Don't believe the hype: a basic guide to engaging with your players

My.Games' Alexey Izotov explores the balancing act of generating hype for the Academy

By Alexey Izotov

How the Dauntless community taught Phoenix Labs about trust

Phoenix Labs' Nick Clifford explores the value of building lasting relationships within your community, and how to get there

By Nick Clifford

What the Age Appropriate Design Code means for video games

The ICO's Statutory Code regarding children's personal data has implications for video games -- Baker McKenzie's Ben Slinn advises to start preparing now

By Ben Slinn

A developer's guide to releasing a game on Steam

Everything you need to know about publishing on Steam, direct from established developers and Valve itself

By Marie Dealessandri

A game developer's guide to Steam wishlists

Developers tell the Academy about how to make the most of Steam wishlists, while Valve clarifies its mysterious algorithm

By Marie Dealessandri

Get your art career questions answered in a live Q&A with Creative Assembly today

Join us for this exclusive livestream Q&A with Total War's art director, Kevin McDowell

By Marie Dealessandri

Why localisation is a vital part of games writing

A LudoNarraCon panel looked at the links between writing and localisation, and the impact translation has on world building

By Marie Dealessandri

Growing mobile games through user acquisition

Nordeus' Andrej Kugonič takes a deep dive into UA for the Academy

By Andrej Kugonič

Top five tips for creating an effective pitch deck

Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos explores the key aspects of a pitch deck to find investment

By Ella Romanos

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