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Academy of Champions

Super moves details.

Super tackle: Take the ball off your opponent's toes in a blink of an eye with this lightning-fast slide tackle.

Helix Kick: Bamboozle the goalie with this insane corkscrew shot.

Banana Kick: Put extreme bend on the ball - the keeper won't know which way to turn.

Chopper: A spinning tackle frenzy that will send anyone in your path flying - including your own teammates!

Unstoppable Rush: Release that pent up aggression by knocking over anyone that gets in your way as you charge towards goal.

Cat-like Grace: Glide through tackles and defense like a knife through butter.

Stealth Attack: When Sam Fisher turns on his night-vision goggles nobody can see him - ideal for getting through on goal undetected.

Eagle Strike: Altair's assassin training helps him to launch into the air and unleash a lethal strike that will take out the keeper before it hits the back on the net.

Acrobatic Leap: Why go through the defence when you can just leap over it? The other team won't expect that!

Plunger Shot: The Rabbid weapon of choice makes for a very potent shot at goal.

Photo Fanatic: Jade will use the flash of her camera to temporarily stun her opponents and make them lose the ball.

Perfect Dribble: Opponents will be stunned by Pele's unbelievable ball skills rendering them unable to stop him.

Bicycle Smash: Mia Hamm's stunning backflip bicycle kick makes her one of the best strikers around.

Speed Burst: An explosion of pace that will help you catch up to opponents.

Dodge Move: Jump over or go around players quickly with these cool and easy to use tricks.

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