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Abyss Attack

Underwater shooter available for Android now.

Abyss Attack is an original vertical shooter game for Android in which you pilot your ship through unexplored underwater canyons, shooting strange deep-sea creatures.

The "abyss" is an underwater zone on the deep ocean floor, at a depth of around 5000 meters. This mysterious region is hard to explore so it has been mostly ignored by scientists. Until one day, when strange creatures have risen from its depths, threatening our civilization. You are sent to cleanse the deep waters of this menace!

A unique quality of the game is that it uses physics simulation to animate the creatures, giving them an impressive smoothness and fluidity of movement. The backdrop of the game features canyon walls and spikes, drawn in 3D to give you the depth effect of a deep-water abyss.


Amazing creature animation using physics simulation. 8 unique boss fights. Rich and colorful graphics with 3D background. Gameplay Move the ship by tilting your phone. Pick up missiles power-ups, which you shoot by tapping the screen; they will seek targets automatically. Avoid touching the creatures. Each level ends with a unique boss fight. Health and weapon power-ups. Requirements An Android phone with Android 1.6 or higher. Phone processor speed of 1 GHz is highly recommended. Gameplay Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laB1D-cg52E Where To Get Abyss Attack is available now on Android Market both as free demo and as full version. Search Android Market for " Abyss Attack".  AppBrain link for full version: http://www.appbrain.com/app/abyss-attack/game.shooter.abyss_attack AppBrain link for free demo version: http://www.appbrain.com/app/abyss-attack-demo/game.shooter.abyss_attack_free Follow The Developers!

Abyss Attack was developed by Deep Byte Studios, a small team of independent developers with a passion for quality games based on physics simulation.

Visit their website and connect to them to keep up to date with news and releases:


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