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ABIT Unleashes Fatal1ty AA8XE and Fatal1ty X700XT

1st November 2004 - How do you build the Ultimate Gaming Platform? You find the Ult1mate Gamer. In a historical move, ABIT has partnered with the world's top gamer - Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel - to develop PC gaming hardware with no equal. Built for extreme speed and unmatched stability, the ABIT Fatal1ty Hardware Series is a platform designed for gaming from the ground up. Today, ABIT is proud to launch the first of the Fatal1ty hardware series - the Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard and Fatal1ty X700XT Graphics Card.

By utilizing bleeding-edge technologies like DDR2 and PCI Express, and combining the best of ABIT Engineering with the gaming prowess of Fatal1ty, the Fatal1ty AA8XE and Fatal1ty X700XT deliver an unprecedented array of features, stability and performance for a BulletProof gaming platform like no other.

ABIT Engineered for Extreme Gaming Performance

Engineered by ABIT. Game-tested and approved by Fatal1ty. The Fatal1ty Hardware Series represents the culmination of ABIT Engineering with the gaming prowess and experience of the world's number one professional gamer, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. The result of this collaboration is a gaming platform with no equal, specifically engineered for the gamer that demands nothing less than the very best.

In competition, a few dropped frames could mean the difference between victory and defeat. That's why the Fatal1ty AA8XE is built for extreme performance. On the Fatal1ty AA8XE is specially designed unlockable BIOS, which grants the user a number of BIOS options designed to push the system to the very limits for unmatched gaming performance. The Fatal1ty AA8XE also comes with ABIT's exclusive µGuruTM technology, which integrates OC GuruTM overclocking, ABIT EQTM hardware monitoring, FlashMenuTM 1-click BIOS updating, and BlackBoxTM diagnostic technology into a user friendly Windows-based interface. With OC Guru, users can tune front side bus speeds and CPU voltages on-the-fly through Windows. ABIT EQ lets users monitor fan speeds, system voltages and temperatures at-a-glance, and FlashMenuTM 1-click BIOS update makes it easy to keep the system running in absolute peak condition. If a problem arises, BlackBoxTM automatically detects your hardware configuration, and allows it to be sent to ABIT tech support for fast, friendly e-service. With OC Guru, ABIT EQ, FlashMenu, and BlackBox, gamers have the most comprehensive suite of system utilities ever to power a desktop motherboard.

For the ultimate in networking performance, the Fatal1ty AA8XE delivers dual Intel® LAN capabilities. Use the 10/100 LAN to connect to the Internet at the lowest possible latencies, and the Gigabit LAN for lightning-fast file transfers in your home network or your next LAN party. Audio performance is also top-notch with 7.1 channel high-definition audio backed by ABIT's technology. By using a separate daughter card for audio connectors, ABIT Engineers have greatly AudioMAXTM reduced the amount of noise caused by high frequencies generated from the motherboard. With AudioMAX, gamers can zero in on their prey with enhanced audio clarity. In fact, the Fatal1ty AA8XE is the first motherboard to receive Dolby® Digital Live support.

The Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard integrates no less than five cooling technologies that keep the Fatal1ty AA8XE cool in the heat of battle. The specially designed PWM system not only delivers clean stable power to the on-board components, but positioned over the MOSFETs are high-grade heatsinks that draw heat efficiently from some of a motherboard's hottest components. In fact, with ABIT's unique layout, the MOSFETs remain below 50°C! With its unique vertical orientation, OTES AeroFlowTM simultaneously cools the northbridge, graphics card, and southbridge. ABIT Engineers innovate yet again with OTES RAMFlowTM, the world's first integrated memory thermal solution on a desktop motherboard. With OTES RAMFlowTM, DDR memory is kept cool via two high-speed fans for unsurpassed system stability. The Fatal1ty AA8XE also includes ABIT Engineered OC Strips, which help quickly draw heat away from the PCB. All heat is then exhausted by a Dual OTESTM system, which delivers twin fans and a heat duct that efficiently channels heat from the inside to the outside of the case. For the optimal balance of thermal and acoustic performance, all fans are automatically controlled via µGuruTM. With these exclusive ABIT technologies, the Fatal1ty AA8XE delivers impressive thermal performance for the serious gamer right out of the box.

Case modders will love the Fatal1ty AA8XE. The Fatal1ty AA8XE features distinctive styling with a striking red and black color theme which will turn heads in a modded case. And when the lights are dim, the Fatal1ty AA8XE stands out from the crowd with red LED backlights that outline the motherboard in a crimson glow.

On the graphics side, the Fatal1ty X700XT offers impressive performance for today's hottest 3D games. Instead of the typical cookie-cutter design, the Fatal1ty X700XT uses an ABIT Engineered symmetrical layout that delivers consistent power across the entire graphics card for unmatched stability. The Fatal1ty X700XT includes 256MB of ultra-fast GDDR3 memory rated at 1.6ns for blistering performance. With ABIT-designed copper heatsink and RAMsinks, the Fatal1ty X700XT delivers VPU temperatures that are up to 8° cooler than the competition, and with OC Strips, the Fatal1ty X700XT quickly draws excessive heat from the PCB.

With ABIT Engineering and the gaming insight of Fatal1ty, the Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard and Fatal1ty X700XT graphics card deliver the speed and stability that gamers like Fatal1ty demand on the professional gaming circuit.

Only the Latest and Greatest

The Fatal1ty AA8XE supports the latest technologies with an eye for the future. Based on the Intel line of 925XE chipsets, the Fatal1ty AA8XE supports the latest Intel® LGA775 CPUs, 4GB of DDR2 533 memory, and Intel® HyperThreading technology. Storage is handled with Intel® Matrix Storage technology that enables SATA RAID 0/1 functionality, and for compatability with the latest high-speed video cards, the Fatal1ty AA8XE includes the new PCI Express interface for unsurpassed video performance. USB 2.0 and Firewire connectivity is built in as well.

At the heart of the Fatal1ty X700XT is the ATI Radeon X700XT VPU, which features 8 extreme parallel pixel pipelines and 6 programmable vertex shader pipelines, enabling fluid, realistic visuals. With a core clock of 475Mhz, the RX700 Series also offers the latest ATI 3DcTM, SMARTSHADERTM, SMOOTHVISIONTM, HYPER ZTM, and VIDEOSHADERTM graphics technologies designed to bring forth a new era of high-definition gaming. With 4 times the bandwidth of AGP, the Fatal1ty X700XT's PCI Express interface delivers visuals that keep the action running at a quick clip.

Built with Bulletproof Technology

Like all ABIT products, the Fatal1ty AA8XE and Fatal1ty X700XT are built with Bulletproof Technology - a new standard in terms of Quality, Reliability, Stability, and Engineering. Bulletproof Technology begins with selecting the highest quality components available. ABIT uses only Japanese-made capacitors on ABIT branded motherboards and graphics cards - capacitors that cost several times more than regular capacitors. While others try to cut components, ABIT puts quality first. Bulletproof Technology also means stability, and the Fatal1ty AA8XE and Fatal1ty X700XT have passed the Torture Test, a series of looping demos and benchmarks designed to tax the hardware far beyond normal use. Add to all of this exclusive ABIT Engineered features, and the Fatal1ty AA8XE and Fatal1ty X700XT raise the bar by which motherboards and graphics cards are judged.

Product Positioning

Model: Fatal1ty AA8XE


  • Intel® 925XE / ICH6R Express chipset
  • Intel® LGA 775 CPU support
  • 4GB DDR2 533
  • Dual OTESTM
  • µGuruTM
  • OTES AeroflowTM
  • AudioMAX TechnologyTM
  • Dolby® Digital Live


Pro Gaming Motherboard

Built to Kill

Avail.: 11/2004

Model: Fatal1ty X700XT


  • 256MB GDDR3 @ 1.6ns
  • Copper heatsink
  • Copper RAMsinks
  • OC Strips
  • PCI Express


Pro Gaming graphics card

Built to Kill

Avail.: 11/2004

- ends -

About Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

Johnathan first got involved in professional PC gaming tournaments when he heard about CPL's Frag3 Tournament that took place in October 1999. Capturing third place there, he was invited to represent the USA in Stockholm two weeks later where he won undefeated, winning all 18 maps against the top players in the world. He has continued to consistently dominate competitions all over the world, including events in St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Germany, England, Netherlands, France, Russia, Denmark, and China, to name some of the countries he has visited in pursuit of pro gaming excellence.

Johnathan won the CPL Pentium 4 Winter Championship in December 2002 playing Unreal Tournament 2003; that victory made him the first and only 3 time CPL Champion of the Year - each year winning the CPL 1v1 Championship while competing in a different game. In Dallas, on August 14, 2004, Fatal1ty was crowned the first DOOM 3 1v1 Champion, capturing $25,000 in prize money at QuakeCon 2004. For more information about Fatal1ty, visit http://www.fatal1ty.com/ and http://www.fatal1tyshootout.com/.

About ABIT

ABIT Computer Corporation designs and sells a complete family of award-winning ABIT Engineered mainboards and multimedia products. All ABIT products support industry-leading technology and provide leading quality and performance for integration of computer components supporting a broad range of PC applications, such as e-commerce, e-business, entertainment and education. Corporate headquarters are located in Taiwan. For more information, visit the Company's web site at http://www.abit.com.tw.

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