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ABIT Launches the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB

Get the big picture with 512MB of GDDR3 memory and vGuru

5th May 2005 - Built with innovative technologies and rock-solid performance, the Fatal1ty Hardware Series has garnered critical acclaim since its introduction. Today, ABIT is proud to introduce the latest in the Fatal1ty Hardware Series, the Fatal1ty X800 XL 512MB. With blazing speed and exclusive ABIT Engineered technologies, the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB is the graphics card of choice for the gamer who demands the very best.

Packing 16 pixel pipelines, PCI-Express X16 interface, an ABIT-designed cooler, exclusive vGuruTM technology, and a whopping 512MB of GDDR3 memory, the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB graphics card delivers BulletProof performance and stability that hardcore gamers demand.

ABIT Engineered for Maximum Performance.

What do you get when you pair the world's number one gamer with the world's number one PC enthusiast hardware brand? Gaming hardware that is second to none. With the input of the world's top gamer, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, ABIT has engineered the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB for extreme performance and stability. As the name implies, the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB is stacked with a whopping 512MB of ultra-fast GDDR3 memory. The first on an ABIT graphics card to feature 512MB of memory, the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB takes today's titles to the next level of graphics realism by allowing for extra large textures to be stored directly onto local memory. Also included is an ABIT-designed copper base for excellent cooling performance. The 60mm ball bearing low noise fan allows for maximum cooling with minimal noise production, sounding in at a scant 30dB. With the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB, gamers can zero in on their prey without being distracted by whirring noises from their graphics card. Unlike competing solutions, the low-profile of ABIT's fan solution only occupies a single slot.

The Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB comes with ABIT's vGuruTM technology. Based on ABIT's renowned µGuruTM motherboard technology, ABIT's vGuru places unprecedented graphics power and control into the hands of the user. vGuru takes OC GuruTM overclocking, Fan EQTM fan control, and BlackBoxTM diagnostic technologies, and applies them to ABIT's graphics card lineup with an easy-to-use Windows-based interface. With vGuru, users are able to harness the raw potential of ABIT's graphics cards and walk the path of enlightened stability and performance. ABIT XTurboTM technology allows you to effortlessly squeeze extra performance from your graphics card. Developed by ABIT Engineers, XTurbo equips the graphics card with not one but two BIOS chips. With the click of a button, users can select between normal and XTurbo operating modes. What's more, a dual BIOS configuration on the graphics card acts as a backup solution. Should one BIOS become corrupted for any reason, the second one kicks in, allowing the user to re-flash the other one. Now that's BulletProof Technology.

Built To Kill

With 400MHz core clock, 16 pixel pipelines and breakthrough image enhancement technology, the Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB provides a gaming experience like no other. The Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB includes innovative new features such as the 3DcTM, a new compression technology that allows game developers to pack more finer details into real time 3D images. For gamers, this means that their game will look better than ever.

Since the introduction of its RADEONTM product lines, ATI is well recognized among PC gamers as being the industry leader for 3D graphics solutions. The RADEONTM X800XL 512MB defines a totally new High-Definition Gaming experience for the avid gamer by maximizing performance and image quality in higher detail and at higher resolutions than ever before. The Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB gives users more than just a great gaming experience. It offers the latest ATI Smartshader HD that executes up to 1,536 instructions in a single pass, and the new shader compiler is designed to make optimal use of the new functionality.

The latest DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL® 2.0 shader support is included to ensure that current and upcoming games look and play brilliantly, especially in high-definition. It also has sophisticated video processing, filtering and acceleration features that make multimedia applications more efficient, inspiring and fun. The Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB also supports the latest high-definition and wide display formats, giving users bigger and more vivid movie, gaming and Internet experience.

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About Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

Johnathan first got involved in professional PC gaming tournaments when he heard about CPL's Frag3 Tournament that took place in October 1999. Capturing third place there, he was invited to represent the USA in Stockholm two weeks later where he won undefeated, winning all 18 maps against the top players in the world. He has continued to consistently dominate competitions around the globe, including events in St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Germany, England, Netherlands, France, Russia, and China, to name some of the countries he has visited in pursuit of pro gaming excellence. Johnathan won the CPL Pentium 4 Winter Championship in December '02 playing Unreal Tournament 2003; that victory made him the first and only 3 time CPL Champion of the Year - each year winning the CPL 1v1 Championship while competing in a different game. In Dallas, on August 14, 2004, Fatal1ty was crowned the 1st DOOM 3 1v1 Champion, capturing $25,000 in prize money at QuakeCon 2004.

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About ABIT

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