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Abborado Studios Announces Once Upon a Time in Japan Official Site

February 23, 2007 - Dallas, TX

Abborado Studios has announced the launch of the official site for the adventure series, Once Upon a Time in Japan. Abborado's official site features new information on the first title for PC, Earth, including new pictures, character information, as well as revealing a few more pieces of information about the series! Visitors can also sign up for the official newsletter, featuring behind the scenes articles, Q&A with the developers as well as development updates that will touch upon the latest important news from the studio. Also of importance are the forums, where gamers can discuss the series and also post direct questions to the major players on the development team in a specially designated forum. Ask a question and it may be either answered directly or included in the newsletter! Abborado encourages gamers to visit them at

Abborado Studios is a Texas based LLC founded in 2006 with the goal of creating the very best in interactive entertainment. The company's flagship series is Once Upon a Time in Japan.


Abborado Studios, LLC

fax: (972) 668-4461

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