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Abandon Mobile to bring CDC's Freaky Creatures west

Unique community-based game finds US / European distribution

Cross-media games firm Abandon Mobile has announced that it has teamed up with Chinese publisher CDC Games to bring cross-platform community based title Freaky Creatures to Asia.

The game is a unique attempt at bringing "Web 2.0" concepts to mobile gaming, by combining elements of strategy, simulation and trading with a core of user-generated content.

Players can interact with one another either on their PCs or through the mobile phone version of the client. The objective is to create a wholly customised creature and use it as your avatar in a science fiction adventure, controlling resources and defending territory using its abilities.

The game will be distributed in China and Southeast Asia - including Vietnam and India - by CDC, with Abandon itself handling marketing and distribution in western territories.

"Freaky Creatures is a completely new idea, but contains key elements of traditional online game play, including persistent characters, a diverse universe, addictive mechanics and total ownership of your creations," according to Abandon president Jamie Ottilie.

"Our partnership with CDC Games significantly enhances our ability to foster community and bring this exciting property to mainstream audiences around the world."

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