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Aah Impossible Rescue

Guide damp kittens to safety on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

For immediate release.

"Aah Impossible Rescue" (AIR) is out now on the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) service. It's an Xbox 360 indie game with a retro feel developed by the tiny independent games company Aah Games. It costs just 80 MS points and appeals to animal-loving action freaks, as it involves steering three damp kittens that repeatedly fall down rivers in some of the strangest parts of the world. With 12 increasingly fast and more dangerous rivers you have your work cut out to get them to safety with your quick reaction. If that isn’t straightforward enough then change the game with the “Silliness” options, including sea-sickness and chameleon modes, or share the joypad with friends to tackle the later impossible levels.

From the back of the box:

A sad kitten is a sad enough sight, but there's nothing sadder than a sad and wet kitten. YOU are armed with an uncanny ability to steer three stranded river kittens from afar. Will they be purring bundles of happiness, or scrawny damp fuzz-monsters? Its up to you in this "arcade kitten rescue mission simulator"!

About the programmer and artist

Robert Swan is a lead games programmer with over 12 years commercial experience. He has led development on a variety of consoles, including PS1, PS2, Xbox, GBA, DS, PSP and Wii while working at SCEE, Climax and Kuju. AIR is his second effort on XBLIG as an independent developer. He has been interviewed by Edge Magazine twice in relation to his Net Yaroze programming; a PlayStation 1 precursor to the XBLIG system and is currently dredging up his past work in order to laugh at just how he has grown over the years.

About Aah Games Ltd

Aah Games is a new independent game development company. It aims to regularly release cheap, small and polished games across a variety of platforms, while pursuing novel funding and marketing methods.

Aah Impossible Rescue - Demo or Complete Xbox 360 download - http://bit.ly/9JKFh6 Aah Impossible Rescue - Screenshots - http://bit.ly/cTIbWk Aah Games website - http://aahgames.com Aah Games email - robertswan@aahgames.com  
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