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A Vision Of Our Future, Today - 'CNN Future Summit: Virtual Worlds'

Wednesday 13th June at 1500 BST / 1600 CET; Saturday 16th June and Sunday 17th June at 2000 BST / 2100 CET

Virtual worlds have enabled breathtaking vistas on movie screens, heart-pounding action in computer games, bought millions of people together and transformed the way we communicate with each other. Broadcast from Stanford University and Singapore, the latest 'CNN Future Summit' programme gets to the heart of these remarkable developments with the biggest global players leading this digital revolution.

CNN's Kristie Lu Stout hosts the hour-long programme, looking at the blurring lines between reality and imagination and how these technological developments are shaping our communities and the lives of our children. Distinguished panellists include the founders of Wikipedia, Second Life, Flickr and EA in addition to renowned academics and psychologists who together form a vision of our future, today.

And what will this future look like? The ability to always be in touch with friends and family will be greatly enhanced when we're able to see each other in absolute clarity, anywhere, anytime. We'll find ourselves living, shopping and working more and more inside online worlds. And in the future, you won't be sitting on your couch being passively entertained. Films will become more interactive and more immersive, while games will become more cinematic and realistic. Indeed the programme itself also utilises many cutting edge techniques used in modern film and television production in order to capture the fascinating future of virtual worlds.

'CNN Future Summit' is a two-year multi-media programme produced in association with the Singapore Tourist Board (STB), which aims to stimulate global discussion. Through, viewers around the world are invited to explore the views and interactive with the remarkable list of leading explorers, scientists, philosophers, designers, entrepreneurs, futurists, authors, and journalists.

'CNN Future Summit' can be seen on Wednesday 13th June at 1500 BST / 1600 CET, Saturday 16th June and Sunday 17th June at 2000 BST / 2100 CET.

For more information, please contact:

Joel Brown

CNN Press Office - Europe, Middle East & Africa

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