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A Valley Without Wind

New screenshots blow out from the procedurally-generated adventure.

 Much has been tweaked and added to the artwork since AVWW's reveal last  week. The placeholder building has been replaced with the real thing,  several actually, improvements for the character's run animation and the  white borders around certain graphics, the appearance of a pair of magic  spells, and the introduction of the game's first enemy.

 Arcen head Chris Park on the progress:

 "We're still just getting started of course, but we're also really  proud of how fast we've been able to get the game to even this stage --  three weeks of dev time! By the time we hit publish alpha in another  month to month and a half, this is going to be quite a cool game. And  it's still only going to grow from there!...And by the way, the respawns  that you see of the character in this video are temporary. Perma-death  is still very much coming, so never fear!"

 Attached are 8 new screenshots of the latest build, and a video  showcasing the latest features and additions of the PreAlpha can be  viewed here: The latest  in-game music track by Pablo Vega is also in the video, as the composer  continues to build and share AVWW's expanding soundtrack bit by 8-bit.

 Speaking of the composer, Vega has written up a new dev diary giving a  glimpse into his methods on constructing a game soundtrack and providing  his take on the "no such thing as original music" theory. Check it out


 Stay tuned! We'll have new media every week as we get closer and closer  to our alpha release in March. Interested parties are encouraged to view  the video in HD (720p) and the screens in their original resolution. The  shots can also be viewed here:

 About Arcen Games

 Arcen Games entered the PC indie scene in 2009 with their cult classic  AI War: Fleet Command, which was named the 40th best-reviewed PC game of  the year by MetaCritic.  Their second year was a busy one, seeing the  release of The Zenith Remnant, the first full expansion for AI War;  Tidalis, an innovative block-based puzzle with casual appeal and  hardcore depth; and Children of Neinzul, a micro-expansion for AI War  with all profits benefiting the Child's Play charity, of which Arcen is  a platinum sponsor.

 AI War's third and largest expansion Light of the Spire marked Arcen's  first release of 2011, and now the company has shifted its focus and  excitement to the development of A Valley Without Wind. Originally a  one-man shop, Arcen Games has grown to have half a dozen part-time or  fulltime contributors to its various titles.


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