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A-Train 8

Latest in train management series to arrive on February 27th from new publisher Bluestone.

Milton Keynes, 4th February 2009 Bluestone Interactive Ltd, a new publisher and distributor of Interactive Entertainment software is pleased to announce the imminent release of A-TRAIN 8 on PCDVD set for February 27th 2009.

The A-Train brand has become one of the most respected and sought after titles and with A-Train 8, as manager of a railroad company, elected as mayor of your city, you will have your time engaged with many motivating tasks. The aim is to create the best public transport systems possible, manage them and adapt fares to successfully improve your city though the year, taking into account the different seasons and the effect they could have on the system you create!

Create cities as realistic as you wish and the choice of options and parameters are as impressive as the structures offered. You can choose from any of the main monuments which include Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower or even the Empire State Building. See the setting you have created spring into life and watch the city vibrantly take on a persona you have personally adapted. A-Train is a simulation with its graphical interface that is unsurpassed in terms of details and virtual authenticity; all orchestrated with simple and intuitive mouse and keyboard key strokes and movements

It’s more than the fame and respect in creating a network that runs smoothly but also the ideal in making ‘loads of money’, and building a fortune by speculating in the unique stock exchange system that has been developed in A-Train but ensuring you don’t go bankrupt is also something you might encounter if you don’t plan property. The need to watch what you are in investing in is paramount!

With every great empire, the ground work of course has to be implemented and the cycle of events leading up to the final outcome has to be put in place. In A-Train your city develops around its train stations so first players will build the station that will serve as the centre of your city’s growth. A station and a network of roads to the station have to be plotted as do the actual railway tracks. With each task there are a number of equations. Where you build, even the elevation of the land has to be taken into account. You could be laying the perfect track from a destination point and find that your progress is barred by an expanse of water, which can be solved by building a bridge but at the same time your expenditure should also be gauged for you do not have a limitless budget! A single station on its own will serve no purpose so building up interconnecting stations where there is a thriving populous is also mandatory for success!

A-Train goes deeper than any other game of its type. Subtle ways of encouraging growth around stations, making use of rich agricultural expanses can also be mapped and taken into consideration. Building, growth, and future prosperity requires resources and so constructing commercial, as well as residential, buildings is key to a great balance and untold prospects. Freight and containment buildings, houses, factories, along with roads, multi tracks are all part of a bigger plan and the evolving community and an importantly increasing bank balance. Stop and things will stagnate, be bold and speculate and become rich beyond your wildest dreams. Build subsidiaries, buy stocks and shares, increase your funds by managing companies – move onto bigger real estate and new uncharted areas!

Features include

• Real replicas of trains with an inner view of the locomotives.

• Approx thirty preconceived maps that can be modified and enlarged.

• City editor with a choice of 120 buildings and 53 trains

• Innovative stock system exchange with 50 companies

• Changing seasons and moments of the day

• Options to integrate your own music in game

• Permanent evolution of the game to create a consistent network

• Train Window Mode

• Detailed management

• Map construction option

A-Train’s sheer pictorial and statistical information makes for compulsive gaming and the intuitive building and manipulation sequential evolution will have players captivated and only by playing can you understand the real depth of ideas on offer. The game’s all important interface is inventive in allowing the player total control and freedom when decisions are made.

A-Train is an unmissable simulation!

Released on 27th February 2009

PR -

Contact Bluestone Interactive

Tel: 01908 584584 Fax: 01908 585585

Minimum configuration OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista - DirectX: Direct X 9.Oc - CPU: Pentium4 2GHz (Recommended: Core2Duo E8400) - Memory: [Windows2000/XP] 512MB

(Recommended: 1GB), [Windows Vista] 1GB - HDD: 1GB - Video Card: GE Force 6200 compatible, RADEON9500 compatible (Recommended: GeForce 8600GT compatible, Radeon HD

2900 XT compatible) - VRAM: 128MB (Recommended: 256MB) - Display: 1024x768 or 1280x720 (Recommended: 1920x1200) - Sound Card: Direct Sound Compatible - Input devices:

100% Windows 2000/XP compatible mouse and keyboard - Other requirements: DVD-ROM required to install the game. Internet connection is required for identification.

Minimum specs:

Bluestone Interactive Ltd

Bluestone Interactive is a publisher of Interactive software for various gaming platforms. Head quartered in the UK, Bluestone has development partners and distributors throughout the world and will publish a variety and full range of titles across current platforms that will offer value, solid gameplay and something uniquely different.


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