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A Spy-thriller Adventure in UNDERCOVER

Haarlem, The Netherlands - July 17, 2007 - Leading Publisher Lighthouse Interactive today released final box artwork and 6 new screenshots from their upcoming spy-thriller adventure game UNDERCOVER: Operation Wintersun. This highly anticipated game takes place in 1943 during WWII which is unique in the Adventure genre. Players must go undercover to expose the deep secrets of the Nazi regime partnering with other Allied operatives. This game for Windows® is scheduled to begin shipping throughout the U.S. and Canada on August 28, 2007, and on September 8, 2007 in the UK.

"This game will have players enthralled as they enter a game world that has never been explored so deeply in any other Adventure game," said Erik Schreuder, CEO of Lighthouse Interactive. "World War 2 is a very popular theme in other video game genres. Now Adventure game players will have the opportunity to engage in a compelling spy-thriller experience set in historical war-torn European cities including London and Berlin."

Thorsten Hamdorf, Marketing Director at dtp entertainment AG added, "UNDERCOVER: Operation Wintersun focuses on character development. The integration of witty dialogue gives greater depth to each character and lightens tense situations. Also, throughout the adventure, players will reveal shocking secrets hidden by each character."


In 1943, Hitler's Germany is performing scientific research on nuclear fission intending to produce nuclear energy, as well as devastating nuclear weaponry Slip into the role of Dr. John Russell, a renowned British nuclear physicist who is hired by Britain's Secret Service MI6 to become an undercover agent. Your mission: prevent the Third Reich from building the world's first nuclear bomb. Embark on a dangerous and enthralling adventure that will have you looking over your shoulder and questioning who you can trust. Explore the heart of historic war-torn locations including London and Berlin, as you work with other Allied operatives to serve your country, the Crown, and defend the world from destruction.


Explore incredible vistas populated with ambient animations, dynamic weather effects, plus advanced lighting and shadows

A variety of mini-games requiring quick wit and stealth adding depth to your gameplay experience

Interact with plenty of characters integral to the elaborate character-driven plot

Use your sharp observation skills to solve a multitude of challenging puzzles

Highly realistic graphics combine with astonishing cinematics to create an immersive experience

Mouse driven 3D real-time characters makes it simple to navigate

6 new high resolution screenshots accompany this press release.

To find out more about UNDERCOVER: Operation Wintersun and to keep up with the latest news on the game visit and

About dtp entertainment AG

dtp entertainment AG is one of Germany's biggest independent games publishers. With more than 60 employees at its Hamburg headquarters, the company is market leader for adventure games and children's software, publishing premium quality games under its ANACONDA label worldwide and for all interactive entertainment platforms.

About Lighthouse Interactive

Lighthouse Interactive is a leading publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in The Netherlands, Canada and England. Founded in 2005 by industry veterans, the company has quickly grown into a worldwide publisher with publishing operations on both the European and North American continents. With a drive for gaming that equals that of their target audience, Lighthouse has proven to have an eye for quality games in all sorts of genres, from adventure to shooters and from simulation to strategy. In 2007/2008, Lighthouse anticipates a further increase in activities, doubling up its number of releases for PC Windows to well over 10 in each market, as well as moving into console gaming. By backing its franchises all the way, Lighthouse has shown it is the right alternative for developers looking to bring their products to a worldwide audience.

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