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A Sea Rendered In Perfect Detail

In this new edition of Virtual Skipper the Nadeo studio, building on the expertise gained in the last 4 titles in the series, presents a sea modelled and animated to perfection. Both day and night and in all weather conditions, never has a computer game created the sea to such a level of realism. The game has exploited the latest shaders to represent an even more complex seascape using numerous graphical effects. The colour of the sea varies depending on how deep it is and also on the weather conditions and the time of sailing.

32nd America's Cup - The Game provides a sophisticated wave animation model that can reproduce the movement of real-world waves. The visual and physical integration of the boats on the sea is enhanced, which reinforces the impression of realism and the feeling of true immersion. The currents, wind swirls, flurries, flat seas, swells and lapping of the water are incorporated into the game as interdependent elements.


A total of 14 water courses have been created for the requirements of the game. These water courses are bordered by cities and prestigious locations for the most competitive sailing addicts. Each water course has been created using satellite photos, marine maps and photos taken by the game development team. The city of Valencia, which is hosting the America's Cup and which appeared in the previous Virtual Skipper, has been completely remodelled in meticulous detail, with improved definition, more realistic climatic conditions and the new America's Cup port. The players can also navigate the water courses at Marseille, Trapani and Malmö which, along with Valencia, will host the Acts of the America's Cup, these are preliminary regattas where all the teams (Challengers and Defenders) progress and compete against each other up to the final Act in April 2007.

Other internationally famous water courses, which are regularly used for the most famous sailing competitions, have also been included in the game. Among which: San Francisco, Sydney, Porto Cervo, Auckland, Vancouver, the Isle of Wight, Quiberon and Qingdao in China which will host the Olympic Games sailing competitions in 2008. Even more exotic locations are the Bay of Rio and the mouth of Vesuvius off the coast of Naples.

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