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A little freaky, a lot of fun, I-play brings classic 20Q™ to life on mobile

Have your mind read by your mobile phone with I-play™!

San Mateo, CA - 16th November 2005: Mobile users now have the chance to have their mind read by their mobile phone. 20Q, one of the best-selling toy sensations of recent years and a 2004 nominee for Game of the Year, is now available on mobile phones, with today's launch in North America being announced by I-play, the mobile games company, together with Radica, the manufacturer, and Inc, the IP owner of 20Q.

Users will have played it with their families at home or on the web at Now they can take 20Q's surprising gameplay with them wherever they go. I-play has replicated the genius of the artificial intelligence behind's interpretation of the classic game of 20 Questions, in which players start off being asked to think of something, an animal, vegetable, or mineral. Successive questions narrow down the field of possible items, until a guess is made after 20 questions. The game generates truly astounding results, and a big "attitude" that comes from winning again and again...

20Q is entertaining not just in its core gameplay, but also in the quips it generates if its likely to win within the designated 20-question limit. The game appears to know almost everything and to be able to read the player like a book. Already a massive handheld hit, the game has seamlessly transferred to mobile phones and will be one of the hit mobile games of the 2005 year-end season.

Pat Feely, CEO of Radica Games Ltd. commented, "We're excited about this launch of 20Q and we're expecting the mobile version to be as successful as the online and handheld versions of the game. We feel that I-play has really captured the essence of the game and the brand in the mobile version."

Robin Burgener, CEO of 20Q enthused, "I developed the 20Q artificial intelligence in 1988 and, I can't say that at the beginning I envisaged the day a mobile version of the game would launch. Of course, I'm delighted that it is, and hope that now, even more people will get to enjoy the 20Q experience, whenever and wherever they are."

Paul Maglione, I-play's Senior VP of Publishing and Marketing, commented, "20Q is another fantastic mobile gaming title true to the I-play philosophy of providing simple, pick-up-and-play fun to mobile phones. The 'must have' toy for last year's holiday season is soon to be the 'must have' mobile game for this holiday season."

This is the first third-party licensing agreement for the 20Q brand. Brandgenuity, a full-service licensing agency, assisted Radica and Inc. in negotiating the partnership with I-play and manages the 20Q licensing program.


Annabel Brog

PR Manager, I-play

Tel: 44 2079011770

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