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A Grade School Doodle Comes to Life!

For Immediate Release

Nov 3rd 2005 - e-giraffa (www.e-giraffa.com) has proudly released PaperBall, a classic game with an innovative style. Remember the days of grade-school drawings while your teacher drones on about something you were sure you'd never use? e-giraffa has brought those doodles to life with PaperBall, a revitalization of the classic brick breaker game.

Enjoy the dozens of powerups and interesting level design, all done on a sheet of graph paper and pencil colorings. Take a walk down memory lane and remember those childhood days when games were more than glitz and challenge yourself in PaperBall. There's more to it than the original brick breaking game though, with innovative new features such as blocks that change the path of the ball, TNT blocks that blast everything, and blocks that move and dart around the board.

After defeating the many levels of PaperBall, jump into the robust level editor and create your own unique levels with the classic PaperBall style. With various levels of difficulty PaperBall will take you from grade school to college... just make sure your teacher doesn't catch you enjoying yourself during another dull lecture! Paperball comes complete with the ability to skip levels, ensuring you will never be frustrated, and with some catchy music that will make the hours fly by.

e-giraffa has supplied a free demo of Paperball from their website at www.e-giraffa.com. Wait no longer; childhood is just a click away!

For Evaluation Copy Krilli at kirill@e-giraffa.com

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For More Information Contact Krilli at kirill@e-giraffa.com

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