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New Interactive Novel For Consoles and PCs Brings Together Authors And Readers To Create A New Universe

NextGenBooks.com today announces the launch of Black Sun, a new interactive novel that brings together authors and readers together to forge a new universe. A completely original piece of Science Fiction, Black Sun is being authored by some of NextGenBooks.com's best authors from its established stable of talent. But in addition to these professional writers Black Sun will also be drawing upon the creative talents of its readership to vote on and manipulate the progress this epic tale will take.

Black Sun will be published episodically with different writers tackling different episodes throughout the tale's first season. Episode One ("Shadows"), by bestselling author Darren Reid, is out now and introduces readers to the dark world of the Black Sun, due to be followed up by Episode Two by acclaimed author D.W. Goyette on December 2nd. Episode One will serve as an introduction to this new tale with public voting scheduled to begin with the launch of Episode Two. Public voting will determine the direction of future episodes with authors having to write the story arcs agreed upon by readers and adding in their own twists to the mix. As the story progresses readers and authors will be brought together in other ways that bring Black Sun's first season towards its climax.

Black Sun is a new experience in interactive fiction combining interactivity with traditional literature and blurring the line between author and reader. Ultimately, Black Sun is bound by only one rule, one mantra: "When the Black Sun Rises, the World Will Fall". All else will be determined by writers and readers collaborating throughout the tale's debut season.

Black Sun is 100% free and can be enjoyed by PC, Mac, Wii, PS3, PSP and DS owners through their internet browsers. Episode One is online now and is due to be followed up by Episode Two on December 2nd. Readers can discuss the first episode now with public voting and further interactive initiatives due to launch alongside the second episode. To begin experiencing Black Sun or for more information please visit the official Black Sun website at www.NextGenBooks.com/blacksun.

About NextGenBooks.com: NextGenBooks.com launched one year ago bringing the best new voices in fantasy and science fiction to gamers the world over. It has since published a number of ebooks that can be viewed on most consoles, handhelds and PCs including the interactive novel and Wizard of Oz prequel, The Sword of Oz by Darren Reid, The Loss and the Bluff by D.W. Goyette, Slither On, Frosty Tracks by Kyrinn S. Eis and the latest addition to this exciting collection, Phoenix Ashes by Brianna Beaulieu and Joseph Carroll. Black Sun will feature contributions from Darren Reid, D.W. Goyette, Kyrinn S. Eis, and Brianna Beaulieu.

For more information please visit www.NextGenBooks.com

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