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80% of game workers interested in four-day week, Skillsearch survey finds

Respondents also highlighted the prominence of remote working

Games recruitment firm Skillsearch has published its annual Salary & Satisfaction Survey, pointing to an increasing desire for flexible ways of working.

The report showed that 80% of respondents would be interested in a four-day work week in the future, with 82% of them saying they have "positive feelings" towards the idea. In addition, 79% of the people who answered the survey said they would "actively seek out" a studio with a four-day work week in the future.

It's worth noting that only 7% of the people who answered the Skillsearch survey currently do work for a company offering a four-day week.

Regarding remote working, 92% of the respondents said they're expecting to work from home one or more days per week this year.

Almost half (46% to be exact) of the people who answered the survey said they "will be or are considering" job hunting in 2023.

The survey also looked into the cost of living crisis, with 51.8% of the respondents saying their financial situation is worse off compared to last year. 25.8% said it's about the same, and 22.4% said they're better off. 62% of the respondents said that their employer isn't doing anything to support employees facing a cost of living crisis.

The report garnered answers from 2,338 respondents from the games and interactive industries, most of them based in the UK and Western Europe.

Looking at UK data specifically (which represented just shy of 35% of all respondents), the Skillsearch report showed that the average salary in the country went up £9,000 from 2022.

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