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Indie devs get crowdfunded.

Portland, OR - January 24th, 2011 - 8-Bit Funding, a new crowdfunding website 100% dedicated to the gaming industry has flung open its doors today with the idea that game developers and indie games need a dedicated resource from with which they can attract contributions in exchange for various rewards/perks.

The idea is simple, and not entirely original: a developer, or somebody connected with games in some way, can create an account on 8-Bit Funding requesting a certain amount to fund development of their project. In turn, users acquire perks from the project creator based on the amount contributed. These perks are set up entirely by the project creator themselves and can vary depending on the project.

“The gaming community has always been independent and almost always supports an internal, exclusive community as opposed to a catch-all,” says founder Geoff Gibson. “The idea behind 8-Bit Funding comes with this same idea. While there are similar websites out there, their broad focus immediately makes them less appealing to gamers and game developers who have to create a project and market it to a community who might not understand what an indie game even is.”

Once a project is submitted, a review process is begun whereby community managers will either approve, or deny a project based on a number of categories. On many occasions, simple suggestions will be made to correct minor issues prior to approval.

Launching today, 8-Bit Funding currently has seven projects running from various developers around the world:

Cardinal Quest The Bookeeper Dreamcasters’ Duel Kung Fu Kingdom Excruciating Guitar Voyage 2 Galactic Adventure, Inc. One-Eyed Monsters Each project is being developed by developers who have either shown a tremendous amount of work already, or have previously developed games to vouch for them.

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About Geoff Gibson

Geoff Gibson has been a gamer for over 20 years and has become very involved with the independent game development community of the past few years, launching a leading indie news blog in 2009. After noticing the way video game projects are treated on other crowdfunding websites, 8-Bit Funding was conceived with the idea that gamers marketing projects to other gamers just makes more sense.


Geoff Gibson

Managing Editor  

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