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Crowdfunding project works; first fully-funded title announced.

Portland, OR - February 3, 2011 - Despite skeptics and having competitors who have been around longer and have far more traffic, 8-Bit Funding has proven today that games can be funded via a gaming-specific alternative to the traditional crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Earlier today, Expedition : The New World became the first game to be fully funded by 8-Bit Funding, after having only been on the service for a single week and the website itself only being 10 days old. While the game has reached beyond its $700 funding goal, the project remains open for 56 more days in order to acquire the most funding possible.

“ I would like to thank all the supporters and to the guys at 8-Bit Funding!” says Santiago Zapata, creator of Expedition: The New World, “With your help I will continue developing Expedition and make it even more fun and interesting. Expect a new version with "port cities" and "strategic resources" in the map before the end of the deadline. Also, if you haven't contributed yet, please feel free to do it and claim our contribution prizes.”

In addition to Expedition: The New World, another project has far exceeded initial predictions. Having only been created 10 days ago, project Cardinal Quest has acquired the most funds at $2,936 in total contributions thus far, just $64 shy of the “Grace Period.”.

“Our experience with Cardinal Quest on 8-Bit Funding has exceeded all expectations,” says Ido Yehieli, lead designer for Cardinal Quest, “In only a week we have received almost three thousand dollars! I think that proves that there has been a gap in the market for an indie-games related crowd funding service and that 8BF came in to fill it not a moment too soon. I also think it is important for us to have our own site that focuses on indie gaming, since more general-use sites tend to push games to the side compared to other types of work and their community does not particularly care about indie-games.”

Other games that have begun to show signs of success are:

?     Means of Escape - $836

?     One Eyed Monsters - $195

?     Kung Fu Kingdom - $229

As more and more projects begin to fill the review queue, it’s becoming painfully clear that game developers are craving this kind of personalized resource.

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About 8-Bit Funding

8-Bit Funding was launched January 24th, 2011 as an alternative means to support indie game development through crowd funding. The basic concept is that developers can list projects with a video, description, and perks. After a review process, the project will then be added to the site and contributors can fund the project in exchange for various perks. It’s a gaming-specific take on what sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have pioneered.  

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