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7 reasons why you should visit Digital Dragons

The Polish event returns 21st - 22nd May

The Digital Dragons, a conference that attracts over 1,500 people from all over the world each year, is now the most important event for game developers in Poland.

The next edition of the conference takes place on 21 and 22 May, and if you are still wondering whether it's worthwhile to visit Kraków, here's are some reasons to consider:

The entire Polish game industry gathered at a single venue

The Digital Dragons is the festival of the Polish game dev scene. The sector has recently conquered the hearts of players all over the world with the quality of production, innovative ideas, perfectionism and sense of humour. All that creativity arrives in Kraków for two days, to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, exchange ideas, get to know one another, find new partners and build new business. The Digital Dragons is the perfect place to begin cooperation with Polish studios.

The conference agenda

The Digital Dragons will feature nearly 100 hours of talks by experts from massive global studios like Naughty Dog, Blizzard Entertainment, Remedy Entertainment, CD Projekt RED, Sony Santa Monica, Creative Assembly, Activision and Techland. Divided into six thematic parts, the agenda is something the conference excels at. The event will strike the balance between famous names and legends, along with specialists of the highest calibre. All of which ensures that the conference halls are rammed with eager attendees.

The Indie Showcase

Over 100 submitted indie games go through a two-stage verification process, which is run by an experienced jury of video game veterans. The 60 best productions will then vie for the title of the 'best Indie Showcase game' throughout the Digital Dragons. Do you love indie games? Then this is certainly the place for you. It is here where some true pearls have been found. Previous winners include Timberman, which has been played by 30 million people, and 911 Operator, which is one of the most original indie games in recent years.

The media

If you want your game to break through to the media, then the Digital Dragons is probably your best opportunity. All of Poland's chief game outlets visit the Kraków event, alongside the national press, who are attracted by the popularity of the games industry. Additionally, each year we organise missions for foreign journalists, and the games are assessed by a carefully selected bevy of influencers. News and reports on Digital Dragons 2017 reached nearly 50 million people last year.

The atmosphere

"The Digital Dragons feels like something that's a Polish GDC with more spirit". Those were the words of Destructoid managing editor Brett Makedonski. This is the only place where you meet smiling people at ease, who are passionate for game development, participating in lectures, testing the best indie games, and also trying craft beer in our numerous chill-out zones. All across both days, within the modern and comfortable walls of the ICE Kraków Congress Centre.


Yes, Kraków, precisely. The capital of the Małopolska Region is one of Europe's most beautiful cities, where tradition melds with modernity in a particularly harmonious manner. There are plenty of museums, theatres and galleries to ensure visitors will never complain about a lack of attractions. This unique atmosphere makes the city truly memorable. The beat of Kraków life is marked by plenty of annual festivals and outdoor events. The conference facilities are as abundant as they are varied, while the network of hotels and restaurants offer all the necessary delights and spaces, supported with professional equipment, facilities, and qualified staff. The location and historical heritage of the city are an additional argument in favour of organising conferences, events, and gigs in the Royal Capital City of Kraków.

Were the East meets the West

Thanks to its location, Kraków is also a perfect place for the West to meet the East. Its international airport provides perfect and comfortable access from all over the world, and so do the two nearby airports, making travelling from any part of Europe exceptionally simple and pleasant. We at the Digital Dragons draw upon that by organising national stands for those from the Commonwealth of Independent States. Therefore, besides the games submitted to the Indie Showcase, you will also have an opportunity to test over 20 games developed in that region of Europe.

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