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6E 61 32

20 days left to win stuff by buying Tim Wright's Sodium 2 soundtrack album.

Wirral , UK

11 th March 2011

Tim Wright, aka. CoLD SToRAGE composer of music for Wipeout, Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast, Colony Wars, Formula One and Gravity Crash recently released his 7 th Studio Album “6E 61 32” to critical acclaim. Featuring tracks from the forthcoming PS3 game “Sodium 2” listeners will also treated to the possibility of winning many one-off collectors item prizes...

Wright says;

“As part of the album launch we wanted to do something really special! Anyone who downloads the album before the end of March 2011 is automatically entered into a prize draw to win some really exclusive prizes. Thing like a one-off signed embroidered hoodie, a CoLD SToRAGE beanie hat, a commemorative signed full colour coffee mug, signed photos and free eJay software. Plenty of chances to win something really special!

It’s heart warming to have the album so well received by both the gaming fraternity and music fans alike, and do be sure to check out the game [Sodium 2 on PSN Home] over the coming weeks.”

6E 61 32 is available from -

A Sodium 2 Trailer can be seen here -  

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