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64% prefer physical media to digital distribution

Ipsos survey also reveals 17% of consoles not connected to internet

Despite the rise of digital distribution models, 64 per cent of console consumers still prefer to buy their games on disc.

That's according to a survey by Ipsos MediaCT, which conversely suggested more adoption of digital formats for music and video. 51 per cent expressed a preference physical copies of films, but just 45 per cent had the same concern about music.

35 per cent of respondents expressed a general preference for games on disc, 33 per cent were concerned about losing access to digital games and 20 per cent enjoyed owning a physical game collection.

"I believe the preference for physical discs amongst next gen gamers reflects the potential value they derive from the pre-owned market," commented Ipsos director Ian Bramley to MCV, "which is holding up the preference for physical - this is unlike the music and film markets."

However, the survey did not cover PC gaming - a platform where the likes of Steam and Direct2Drive have proven highly successful examples of the digital distribution model. Additionally, only 577 of the 1000 people questioned in the online poll were gamers, according to further analysis by THINQ.

The research also revealed that 17 per cent of respondents had not put their consoles online, but that 23 per cent of 360 owners, 17 per cent of PS3 owners and 8 per cent of Wii owners had downloaded a game within the last year.

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