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50,000th Games Cheat sent via SMS

LONDON - 1 September 2004 - AlienPants Ltd ( is pleased to announce that more than 50,000 cheat questions have been answered through the AlienPants white-label SMS Hints, Tips and Cheats service GTIP (

The premium SMS service is available to anyone in the UK who has access to a mobile handset, allowing them to ask a dedicated Cheat Master for a Hint, Tip or Cheat for any computer game simply by sending a text message.

"Since launching in 2003, the GTIP service has proven itself to be extremely popular with game players," said Tom Gordon, CEO of AlienPants. "We recently added several new licensees, and have seen an increase in the number of people aware of and using the service. We have also seen a rise in the number of people who use the service regularly, with a customer retention rate close to 50%."

Once a question has been texted to a specific keyword and shortcode combination, an AlienPants Cheat Master then sends the answer directly to the customer's mobile phone, typically within 5 to 10 minutes of receiving the question, allowing customers to get almost instant and timely help to game problems and requests.

"The beauty of the system is its simplicity." continues Tom. "As the service is a text service, customers are able to use the service from anywhere and from any phone that supports Short Messaging. They don't need to connect to the Internet or call a telephone number. They just pause the game they are playing, send in their question, and the answer will come straight back to their phone. For our clients, the service is immediately revenue generating, as well as providing timely and relevant support for their customers, ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction across all products and services."

The GTIP service is provided as a white-label customer support service for games publishers, magazines or any other company interested in providing hints, tips and cheats or a live customer support service to their customers. For more information about the GTIP service, please visit the GTIP website at

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About AlienPants

AlienPants is a games and mobile industry services, application and content provider, focussing on providing PC and console games news and information through the use of mobile technologies. AlienPants has worked with a wide range of clients, including BT Openworld, Digital Jesters, Prima Publishing, Opera Telecom and Mindmatics.


The GTIP service is a live response PC and Console Game Hints, Tips, Cheats and Information service, providing fast personalised answers to customer questions. The underlying service can be integrated with many forms of communication, from email to WAP to SMS, and allows replies to be sent via almost any return path. The most common use is in premium SMS applications allowing for quick and easy integration of the service into premium chat applications or question & answer services. For more information please visit

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