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5 new games announced

Including anticipated episodes for their hit series Laxius Force and Millennium.

Laxius Force 3 in August

The summer release will conclude the Laxius Force trilogy in a spectacular fashion, featuring at last the long-awaited confrontation of Random and his friends with the Grand Commendanter. In this latest episode of a 10 years old running saga, RPG fans will dive into a quest so big it will feature more than 40 characters and possibly over 100 hours of gameplay.

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Millennium 3 in October

After the success of the original Millennium, this third episode should ravish fans of this saga, as it will feature 4 new characters and several beautiful lands and places to discover, such as the Castle of Malice, the Eating Cave, and the Witch Coven.

Marine is nearing her goal, so stay tuned!

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The Witch and the Warrior, Cora Flint, and Legend

Aldorlea Games will also release 3 entirely new games.

The Witch and the Warrior will follow the style of April's release Ella's Hope but also expand the gameplay, exploration and characterization.

Cora Flint, aimed at the casual market, will feature a female adventurer as she enters a quest that will lead her in countless and amazing places in the world.

Finally, Legend will be an epic quest, similar in style to the Laxius brand, but exploring a world both medieval and science-fiction. Gamers will get the chance to play with more than 10 characters and fight new countless monsters.

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