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Tower defence game updated with "Episode 2 - Evolution", and goes free till October 22nd.


(SINGAPORE) – October 19, 2010 – LambdaMu Games today announced the international launch of 4Towers: Episode 2 “Evolution” for iPhone and iPod touch.  Episode 2 is available as an update to 4Towers, while the App itself will be free through October 22 nd.

4Towers is a Tower Defense game that centers on creating different effects through the use of 4 basic towers.  Players are able to customize their plan of attack by combining these basic towers to unlock different effects while accumulating funds that can be immediately used to purchase upgrades as each successive enemy wave becomes more difficult.  Boss levels, difficulty settings and achievements add to the fun, offering hours of challenging gameplay.

Episode 2 “Evolution” adds a new class of towers called ‘ability towers’.  When built, these towers do not automatically engage the enemy.  Instead, they require players to manually activate them.  Once activated, these towers will unleash powerful abilities.  The 4 new towers included in Episode 2 are the Missile Barrage Tower, the Ice Trap Tower, the Artillery Tower and finally, the Booster, aka “Bloodlust”, Tower.  Episode 2 also comes with 13 new levels and 3 new enemy types.  Apple Game Center support has been included across all iOS platforms.

Players can look forward to future episodes that will bring more tower types, tower specializations, item collection, and finally multiplayer support.

“Our plan for 4Towers is to eventually create a deep and engaging game that will provide endless hours of fun,” said LambdaMu Games CEO Ivan Loo.  “With the addition of the new levels and tower types, we are one step closer towards realizing that goal.”

To download 4Towers, please visit www.lambdamugames.com/games/4towers and click on the App Store button.     

About LambdaMu Games

LambdaMu Games is an independent game developer and publisher headquartered in an undisclosed underwater base off the coast of Singapore.  The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating engaging games that appeal to all types of gamers, while slowly and secretly attempting to build another secret base on the moon.  LambdaMu Games is the creator of Shady Puzzles, a logic puzzle game, and numerous other titles that are available in the Apple iTunes Store.  More information about LambdaMu Games is available at www.lambdamugames.com.

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