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4Story Online

Test your knowledge of the game with a 20-question quiz.



Seoul, Korea – December 16th, 2010 – Zemi Interactive, Inc., Korea’s leading MMORPG developer and service provider of famous free to play MMO “4Story” has brought 20 official in-game contents questions are anything but easy to be answered for all users. What is the first thing coming into your mind when it comes to winter and X-mas season? The final exam would be one of them which is sometimes heart-beating for prepared ones but sometimes bitter for others. Right now, 4story is one of the hottest zones in MMO world where adventurers fit their wits against each other. Winners will win up to 22,500 game points at the end of the day.

Questions go as below,

1.How many green herbs are used to make a Two-Handed 38 performance level weapon?

2.What is the total HP of Markavil in the second instance dungeon of level 75?

3.What is the total number of Ents in the Dust of Spirits area within the Hod Mission Map?

4.What is the total number of NPCs in Thebekut?

5.How many cloak designs can you make with the current guild system?

7.B.B. is the term used to measure the timeline in 4story. What does B.B. stand for?

8.When did the dark ages start and end?

9.What is the name of Goddess Rea's Hovering Sky Garden?

And so on.

Along with this quiz event, Zemi interactive will distribute I-Pad with a free payment solution partner, DiddyDollar very soon. Coming X-mas and new year, 4stories are busy like bees enjoying tons of new events and prizes.

For more information, please visit 4story global server :

About Zemi Interactive Inc.

Zemi Interactive Inc. is one of the leading developers and publishers of MMORPG titles based in Korea since 2002. With outstanding experience and knowhow in developing 3 block buster MMORPG titles ‘4story’, ‘Travia’, ‘Dragon gem’, Zemi Interactive has successfully globalized it’s products. The latest title ‘4Story’ has successfully launched in 15 language versions so far and has plans to launch 3 additional language versions by year 2011. Fun & Creativeness never stops at Zemi.

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                  Zemi Interactive, inc.

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