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4Story Online

Random giveaway event begins.

Seoul, Korea – March 18th, 2011 – Zemi Interactive’s Free to play MMORPG 4Story ( www.global.4story.com) is proud to introduce the Giveaway Events. This awesome event takes place within the game and like the title says it gives away great items for the players to use. If players are online at a certain time in the game, a mail will be sent to all the players that are logged on at that time. The mail is attached with a random item for the players to use. Sometimes it’s normal items like potions, at other times it could actually be a certain Premium Item that is being sold in the Premium Shop. This gives players the excitement and curiosity of what items to expect day, not to mention it gives new players the chance to use a Premium Item without having them to spend any money. So come join now and see what all the fuss is about.

For more information, Please visit www.global.4story.com

About Zemi Interactive Inc.

Zemi Interactive Inc. is one of the leading developers and publishers of MMORPG titles based in Korea since 2002. With outstanding experience and knowhow in developing 3 block buster MMORPG titles ‘4story’, ‘Travia’, and ‘Dragon gem’, Zemi Interactive has successfully globalized it’s products. The latest title ‘4Story’ has successfully launched versions in 15 different languages so far and has plans to launch 3 additional language versions by the year 2011. Fun & Creativeness never stops at Zemi.


Dunder Kim / Zemi Interactive

www.global.4story.com / www.zemiinc.com

Skype: dunderkim / MSN: hmkim6263@live.co.kr

M: 82-10-3014-6263


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