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4Story Online

Events seem to be doing well.

What is most intriguing and unique about 4Story Events are that most of the time it is run by GMs, and players can see and interact with the GMs in game, making the community more lively and user friendly. There has been many different variety of events has been running throughout 4Story. Events like, racing events, quiz and trivia events, PvP 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, or even 7 vs 7. However, the most exciting events can be the events where GMs actually participates in the event themselves, for instance there was an event called “GM Killer” Event, giving the players a chance to kill the GM to get rewards or “Hit the GM” giving gifts to players who has the highest damage point hitting the GMs. Events like “Who is the Spy?” event also had gotten lots of interests from players, making the players finding the GM in the opposing faction’s City, and lots more!

Aside from the Events that is run by the GMs and daily and weekly events, the 4Story Team also accepts player ideas for events as well. In the 4Story forums there is a section for players to send in their own ideas for events giving Zemi Inc. fresh new ideas and at the same time giving the players satisfactory experience within the game.

Currently the events within the game just got better, ever since the Broa update, the final 3 rd faction that everyone has been waiting for. Since Broa kingdom is neutral grounds, both players from the opposing factions Defugel and Craxion can participate in the events together. The best part about the events are everyone has a chance to win something, and It’s level friendly, so even the low level players and new players have a chance to win. Also, since GMs are personally attending to the events new players have a higher chance to know what is going on in-game, getting tips and helps from the GMs on how the events are held and how it is proceeded.  

So with 4Story’s endless events with endless rewards the game itself makes it more interesting for players letting them having something to do rather than the contents that is already implemented in the game. Also very user friendly giving all level players a chance to win, not to mention further improving the in-game community allowing players to interact with the GMs and of different factions within Broa. With many different types of events being held and giving players rewards for doing them has heighten the 4Story community.

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Zemi Interactive Inc. is one of the leading developers and publishers of MMORPG titles based in Korea since 2002. With outstanding experience and knowhow in developing 3 block buster MMORPG titles ‘4story’, ‘Travia’, ‘Dragon gem’, Zemi Interactive has successfully globalized it’s products. The latest title ‘4Story’ has successfully launched versions in 15 different languages so far and has plans to launch 3 additional language versions by year 2011. Fun & Creativeness never stops at Zemi.

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