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4Story Online

Details and screens from the upcoming Coliseum update.

4Story,, a free-to-play hybrid MMORPG developed and published by Zemi Interactive Inc., revealed 5 new screenshots featuring its coliseum update which will be adopted to the game at 24th March.

Zemi Interactive is fully confident that all MMO fans will love this one of a kind showdown system of unprecedented byzantine complexity in MMO history and promised us to reveal more circumstantial information on the update.

Features on Coliseum Update :

- Another name is “Tournament Update” where fascinating players can compete each other 1 vs 1 or Party vs Party in 32 different spectacular coliseums.

- In addition to this, other players who failed to have a chance to show their strength and honor in a coliseum can be one of spectators.

- And they also join the event that enables them to achieve not a few game money when the player or the party that they voted wins after each matches end.

- This has been designed to give an opportunity to users to be a hero or a spectator in a crucial warfare in a restricted area.

- Spectators can buy and use cheering kit which is supposed to raise up their favorite player’s HP live. 10 HP point on each cheering kit.

- To conclude, all users can cheer their favorite individual players with helping them directly and can get lucky reward as well.

For more information :

Press Info: Dunder Kim

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