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3rd Annual ELAN Awards

Judges sought from the industry's esteemed ranks.

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VANCOUVER November 18, 2008 – The ELANS officially put out their call to the entire world for Judges today to the media and industry professionals in video games, animation and visual effects. Anyone from within these industries who wish to preside over the selection of the final nominees and winners of the 3rd Annual ELANS – the awards show that’s become something of a phenom over the past two years with Hosts such as William Shatner and Seth MacFarlane – is invited to apply.

“We went through all of the big award shows’ judicial procedures, even those outside of these industries such as the Oscars, to come up with this year’s process for the ELANS,” says Holly Carinci, Founder & Producer of the ELAN Awards. “We then took what we determined to work the best from each of them to our Board of Advisors and had the luxury of working with some of the top people in these industry sectors to come up with a very good, very fair judicial system that will reflect the decisions of the entire world, not just North America … That was important to us.” The Board of Advisors for the 3rd Annual ELAN Awards is made up of industry luminaries Kelly Zmak of Radical Entertainment, Tarrnie Williams of Relic, Kay Gruenwoldt of N-Gage, Doug Campbell of SPIN West VFX and the prolific Producer/Director from all three sectors, Ian Verchere.

The list of requirements for those interested in becoming a Juror/Judge for the 3rd Annual ELAN Awards put together by Carinici and her Board are:

Must be a professional working in the video game, animation or visual effects industry; Must agree to be placed on the Jury Panel which determines the Final Nominees and the Winner of an Award Category from the area of their expertise (i.e.: Best Sound must have only panel members who work in Music and/or Sound Departments); Must speak English fluently; If a video game professional, they must have immediate access to and be capable of playing on PS2, PS3, Xbox and Wii as well as own a computer capable of downloading and playing PC Games; If an Animation or Visual Effects professional, they must be able to view HD QuickTime files; If a media member they must cover the art being decided upon in their award category (i.e.: Technical Innovation categories can only have a Technology Reporter and they must cover that award category’s industry sector).

How the process itself will work: Panels consisting of 4 industry professionals and one media member from all around the world (at least 2 must reside outside of North America) work together through an online voting forum to determine the four final nominees in their assigned award category. The decision must be unanimous. The Head Juror then sends their panel’s final nominees directly to the ELAN’s Award Auditor, Geoff Dodds of Buckley Dodds & Associates who records them and delivers the names directly to the Producers to be announced at a press conference on Monday, February 2, 2009. Each juror then individually and privately sends their choice for the winner of their category out of their panel’s final nominees directly to the ELAN’s auditor who tallies the votes and arranges for the trophy plaques and the winning envelopes to be produced in secret up until they are announced onstage at the ceremony on February 28, 2009.

If you meet the requirements and wish to act as Juror and Judge for the 3rd Annual ELAN Awards, apply by going to the Adjudicative Process page on and fill in the Application to Judge. Judges will be selected, contacted and later announced (not their categories).

Also, submissions are currently open and close on December 5, 2008. The producers have extended the Early Bird deadline to November 28, 2008 in order to accommodate those submissions coming from outside of North America. “Yesterday I assisted companies with their submissions that were from Germany, Scotland and Chile as well as what felt like all of North America,” smiles Carinci. “It’s incredibly exciting for us to see how welcomed we’ve been by the world in our first year going fully international.”

Also welcoming and supporting the ELANS are the Seven Group who’s come onboard as an Event Partner and will oversee the technical setup of the surrounding Galas and After-Party (the ELAN’S after-party invite-only list is already a ‘must get’) as well as the Awards Ceremony itself. Founding Partners Radical Entertainment and Relic Entertainment as well as Associate Partners Blue Arc, Hitachi, sgi, SPINVFX and David Kaye Productions have all gotten behind the 3rd ELAN Awards already with enthusiasm to ensure the show’s growth and to be a part of its global success.

The 3rd Annual ELAN Awards will be held on Saturday, February 28, 2009 at the Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts.

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Contact: Holly Carinci, Founder & Producer


“As the Movie Industry goes to Hollywood for its Oscars, so will the world of Video Games, Animation and Visual Effects come to Vancouver for their ELANS.”


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