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3DS still on top for third week in Japan

New portable's lead lessens but installed userbase nears 700,000 mark

Sales of the 3DS have more than halved in the portable console's third week in the Japanese sales charts, although it has still sold more than twice that of its nearest rival.

3DS sales for the week ending March 13 stood at 96,463, compared to 209,623 in its first full week on sale and 374,764 in its launch weekend. This gives the new format an installed userbase in Japan of 680,850.

Nintendo has previously projected 1.5 million sales in Japan before the end of March. However, it is unclear what the currently availability of the console is, particularly in the light of the ongoing earthquake disaster.

PSP sales also experienced a drop this week, falling from 77,326 units to 45,577 (including 931 sales for the PSPgo). This despite a particularly strong showing in the software charts with six titles in the top 10.

The number one success of the new Dynasty Warriors 7 did have a positive effect on PlayStation 3 sales though, which rose from 25,918 to 32,406.

The Nintendo DS family of consoles saw sales drop from 17,096 to 13,255 (DSi XL: 6,836, DSi: 5,888, DS Lite: 531), while the Wii saw its sales fall below 10,000 units to just 9,519.

Xbox 360 sales dropped by around 500 units to 1796 and the PlayStation 2 fell by a few hundred to 1348.

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