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3ds max 6 targets developers following input from Sega

Popular 3D graphics package 3ds max has been updated to version six, and the new version of the software is closely targeted at game developers, having been created with significant input from studios including Sega, claims creator Discreet.

The new version of the toolset includes a variety of new features, including an advanced schematic view for managing complex scenes, vertex colour painting, design visualisation tools, integrated reactor 2 physics, distributed network texture baking and an advanced particle flow system.

Sega's involvement with the development of the tool seems to boil down to the massive Japanese developer giving input on features its artists and programmers would like to see in the new software. "Sega is pleased to have been a guiding force in the development process for 3ds max 6," according to Toshihiro Nagoshi from Sega, "including providing direction on the new schematic view feature."

"This close connection between Sega and Discreet encourages us to continue using Discreet's 3ds max as part of out game development pipeline," he continued. "Sega appreciates this strong relationship with Discreet and will continue supporting 3ds max as a user and a part of the development teams."

Plenty of other studios also use 3ds max, of course, with Discreet boasting of involvement in games including Grand Theft Auto, Splinter Cell, Knight of the Old Republic and Neverwinter Nights.

Version 6 is set to be rolled out this autumn priced at $3,495, with localised versions popping up later in the year. Upgrading from 3ds max 5 will set you back $795, and if you're a slowcoach and still using 3ds max 4, the upgrade cost will be $1,295.

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