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3ds cases

3DS case round-up.

The recent release of the Nintendo 3DS has been extremely successful, and so everyone has been after a good case to protect their new console. With a price tag of around £200 it comes as no surprise that a good 3DS case is in heavy demand, but which one should you buy?

There is a different case for everyone, so GamingZap has done a roundup of some of the best 3DS cases available at launch to buy - there is no reason to recommend a case that isn't out right now. For a video review of the best cases at the moment, check out the GamingZap 3DS Cases Review for a brief look at the 3DS cases out right now, and hopefully help you make the right choice. Have a look at how the cases fit on to the 3DS as well as how big they are in comparison to the console itself before you make a purchase, but if you are planning on getting the Nyko Power Pak+ 3DS Battery then be careful about buying crystal and silicone cases!

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