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3D Warp Entertainment to sell "Rune Keeper" domains

After five years of seeking private funding for its game "Rune Keepers", 3D Warp Entertainment Inc has decided to call it quits and sell its domain names and to pursue other business interests.

"I am sure that someone eventually will want to use the name "Rune Keeper" to create an original intellectual property. Over the past five years I have written several alternate stories with the name but never published them. I think the name has huge franchise potential, is cool and open to any area of entertainment whether a movie, book, or video game.

Although most video game publishers are seeking established IPs to license and are currently less likely to risk big money on a new IP, at some point in the future new IPs will be a very valuable commodity. I mean face it, sooner or later consumers will get tired of worn out rehash of the same IPs and will demand new ones. Since one of the major factors in helping to successfully kick off a new IP is its name, original names that are good like "Rune Keeper" will be in demand especially since nearly every "cool" name has probably been used, trademarked, or copy written.

As far as our immediate plans, we are moving on into other investment areas that do not require the $5m - $10m dollars to get off of the ground like next generation games do. Without a big financial partner, it's impossible to compete in today's interactive entertainment industry. Since we never wanted to partner with any publishers at least in a development capacity, we are just going to put the "Rune Keeper" name and domains on the market and let someone else worry about it."

- David Adams, president of 3D Warp Entertainment Inc.

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