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3D Great Arcade Race with Shooting Elements.


Company "" is pleased to announce about release of new arcade race simulator "Arcade Race" v1.1, shareware game for Windows 95/98/2000/XP/ME/NT. The game can be bough online starting from the 25th of March, 2005. "Arcade Race" - a new 3D race with 3d person perspective "from above" that is original for this genre. High speed, skilled rivals, the possibility to use missiles and mines - make the game dynamic, addictive and absorbing. "Arcade Race" combines the features of both race and shooting genres. It means that while you are taking part in this addictive race, you try hard to be first but not only driving takes all your attention, you should also pick up bonuses (missiles, mines, nitro-acceleration, nonsusceptibility), take care of rivals' mines and missiles and bomb the cars that want to distance you.

The game main features are:

  • Great 3D graphics;
  • 7 various locations;
  • 2 game modes;
  • 6 different racers;
  • A range of bonuses;
  • Self-guided missiles and mines.

The detailed info about game can be found at the official game page:

For more information, contact: Natalie Treemer

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