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3D Blu-ray and Facebook update for PS3 live

Delayed firmware brought forward again, also adds anti-griefing feature

Sony has released the 3.50 software update for its PlayStation 3. The latest of its regular firmware revisions most notably adds support for 3D Blu-Ray movies.

The much-anticipated firmware had originally been delayed until October 1, which speculation claiming this was to build in preventative measures for the notorious PSJailbreak mod.

Instead, the update went live today. Also included is access to Facebook profiles – which also applies to developers, who are able to access users' pages and friend data (if authorised) in their titles, in an as-yet unspecified fashion.

"Once compatible PS3 titles are available," read the update notes, "PS3 users can choose to access public information on Facebook – including user name, profile, uploaded photos and friends list – to enhance their gameplay experience."

Additional features include using a PS Move Controller as a makeshift mouse in the web browser, a revised PS Plus interface and the option for report PSN players for unwanted or abusive messaging.

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